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It may feel like the planet is spinning off of its axis out of control. Thankfully it is not all doom and gloom! There are numerous creatives out there with stimulating ideas, admirable convictions, and unstoppable drive to make the world a better place. Discover some of them here in our virtual pages. Take note of 8 new color stories with Pantone references and a gamut of original products. Get inspired with the December edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's December Diaries

London — This edition gives a rather accurate depiction of the contemporary situations in fashion and design, as well as the state of mind stretching to more of a macro level to include such influencers as politics and the planet. People are maintaining and revitalizing their origins; they are becoming more contradictory, and a handful are questioning if they really want to be part of a constantly connected, oversharing society. They are also pushing boundaries to reach new heights and possibilities.

Bespoke Christmas wrapping paper designs by Stills & Strokes

Wrapped Up in a New Approach

Berlin — Who says that wrapping paper for the holidays needs to be covered with snowmen, snowflakes, reindeer, Santa, menorahs, gingerbread men, or Christmas trees? It doesn’t! So what pattern or non-repeat to use for the festive season? Take a trip to Berlin to discover out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to wrapping gifts this December.

Highs and lows in a geometric jacquard terry fabric

The Copycat Culture in 2018

Worldwide — In this gallery learn about a trend story for S/S 2018 for home and fashion, including two color stories with Pantone references for the respective categories, color tidbits, buzzwords, and examples of textiles that follow the presented design directions. Sweater knits, foil prints, appliques, burnouts, seersucker appearances, and geometric jacquards can be found within—plus print highlights from the runway and the street!

Textured yarn dyed dobby with pigment print

Heritage and Modern Activism in 2018

Worldwide — “As people concentrate on simultaneously preserving and reviving their roots, community ties are strengthened and redefined.” Pantone color stories for home and fashion, as well as supporting text and product imagery bring life to this trend for 2018, which is rich in native flair, showing modernized shibori techniques, influences from traditional costumes and Eastern elegance, lush palm prints, and reactive dyes used with digital printing.

Opposites attract: two tonal textures in one fabric

A World Riddled with Contradictions in 2018

Worldwide — It is not only certain people in the spotlight who are a wealth of contradictions; we see it in fashion for the coming season as well. Textiles that are two faced, have contrasting patterns, and create double vision will be plentiful in 2018. Zig zag effects, pastels and brights, hacked looks, iridescent foils, tonal embroidery, and photorealistic digital print abound. See it all here within; read up on the buzzwords and phrases; and note down these two Pantone palettes.

Cotton jersey with an allover print in layers of light blue and black creating the illusion of three dimensionality

Fragmented in 2018

Worldwide — This trend has an interesting take on the oversharing society of today and puts weight on withholding personal information. The powdery colors in the two color stories with Pantone references are inspired by abandoned places. Phantom prints and broken textures add surface interest to this trend for 2018. Subscribers can also see a number of material samples and influencing patterns for Remnants here within.

Alix Bizet

New Talent in a New Home

London — On November 24th the Design Museum opened the doors to its new location in Kensington. One of the Design Museum’s exhibits open free to the public is that of the Designers in Residence. This year four young talents have been given four months to develop their projects further with the support of the museum, through its network of legal, commercial, learning, developmental, and curatorial teams. Let’s see what they have in the works…

Ma Ke presents The Earth

Fear and Love that Define Our Time

London — This multidisciplinary exhibition that opened last week as part of the inauguration of the Design Museum in Kensington is titled ‘Fear and Love: Reactions to a Complex World’; it explores issues that define our time and invoke feelings of both fear and love. It delves into topics such as recycling textiles, 3D printing, European design, wearable devices that detect emotions, responsible architecture, social networks and societal influences.

Peel, Stick, and Decorate

Los Angeles — In our November issue of Trendease, we featured trends, colors, and products from the ABC (All Baby Child) Show in Las Vegas. That article mentioned that there were some trends from wallcovering companies for kids, such as chalkboard decals. Trendease would like to introduce you to a company that caught our attention while attending the show in Las Vegas, expanding upon this design fad.

Curve Ball Pendant

NEWSLETTER #567 - Light It Up On-Trend

Multiple European Cities — Warm wishes from a chillier-than-normal Florida. My 95 year-old grandmother is still a rock star in my eyes and, until I venture off on my next business trip, each day we are clinking cocktail glasses at happy hour (the contents of which are apparently the secret fountain of youth). She and my aunt are lights in my life, so with that bit of inspiration, I thought you might enjoy a gallery full of on-trend lighting spotted at international design events throughout Europe.

Inverted tree in Ibis Hotel, London, UK

NEWSLETTER #568 - Global Holiday Cheer

Worldwide — Peace on earth! Joy to the world! Happy holidays to all! The January edition of Trendease will publish on January 2nd. The newsletters will return in 2017. In the meantime enjoy the final two Trendease sneak peek videos on the Heimtextil Theme Park 2017 scheduled to air over coming weeks and this gallery of holiday cheer from five countries on two continents.