February 2017 / Goodbye Meaningless Content

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Interior design, decoration, furnishing a space, why do we do it? Functionality, aesthetics, lifestyles, culture and tradition all play a role. What happens when these are called into question? Homes, offices, transportation, hotels, are undergoing changes that fascinate designers, architects, engineers, and sociologists. How are these interpreted by the trade and at shows like Heimtextil, Domotex, imm cologne, Maison&Objet, and Paris Deco Off? Get inspired with the February edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Jennifer's February Fables

Cologne — Trend areas at trade shows are about inspiration. We believe that if you do not walk away feeling inspired in some manner then that space has failed, even it is accurate in its design or lifestyle directions presented. Learn about our insights into the presentations at Heimtextil, imm cologne, Maison&Objet, and others to be reviewed throughout the month. In this gallery walk through the concept home of Todd Bracher for Das Haus.

Functional construction material from Baux

Maison&Objet: Silence

Paris — A journey through the inspiration zone at Maison&Objet can be taken at face value, or one can contemplate the deeper meaning of the creations and understand some deep shifts in society. Elizabeth Leriche notes that, “Silence is the new philosopher’s stone; disconnection is synonymous with liberation and silence is the new and luxurious material that is a source of creativity, respiration, and harmony.” See the products of silence herein.

Heimtextil Retail: The Discovery Shop

Frankfurt — Trendspot Retail was realized under the theme ‘Make yourself at home’ this year during Heimtextil, based on the trends found within the Theme Park. There are two cocoons each presenting a unique approach to retail staging and sensory experiences following the color combinations for 2017/2018. All of the products shown are available from exhibitors at the exhibition. Come in to explore the Discovery Shop here.

Heimtextil Retail: The Capsule Shop

Frankfurt — The Capsule Shop displays retail potential with an elegant domestic atmosphere and traditional elements offset with contemporary accents. As an oasis of peace and quiet , the cocoon creates the antithesis of the fast-moving, high-tech world. A stylish opulence without ostentation, intermixed with some reinterpreted design classics, creates a sense of individuality with a touch of extravagance.

Optic fibers and light emitting textiles by Malin Bobeck of Stockholm, Sweden.

Theme Park: Retail

Frankfurt — The landscape of retail has changed. Today’s retailer faces new challenges to remain relevant and competitive. What are focal points for sustainability in business as well as the environment? In the Heimtextil Theme Park one of the areas focused on retail, where attention was paid to materials as well as restoration. In this gallery subscribers can see how these ideas were visualized to inspire visitors to Hall 6.0.

Theme Park: Transport

Frankfurt — When one thinks of home textiles transportation is probably not the first thing to come to mind; however, textiles play a huge role in the interiors of cars, planes, trains, boats, and even space travel. Aside from the obvious—upholstery—fabrics and technical textiles are present beyond where the eye can see. Subscribers can view the modular and customizable XYT electric car on show and a carousel of fabrics.

Theme Park: Work & Home

Frankfurt — Work environments have undergone an enormous transformation since the beginning of the Dot Com era. More offices take on home-like atmospheres. In fact, more and more people work from home full-time or a couple days per week. Perhaps they are not even at home, but they are tapping into the office remotely. How will these lifestyle shifts catalyze change in interiors for 2017/2018?

Theme Park: Hospitality

Frankfurt — What is hospitality today? Is it a hotel on a business trip? Is it a new experience through Airbnb? Is it a weekend away at a friend’s house? Is it that private villa on a jungle island on vacation? Perhaps all of the aforementioned? Pop the word into Google and ask for a definition to find that hospitality is “the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.” A warm welcome surely requires warm textiles…

NEWSLETTER #573 - Garden of Eden Decor

Cologne — How does a trade body such as the Deutsches Tapeten-Institut support its members during a trade show that is large in scale and every exhibitor must fight to get the attention of the visitor? By recreating the Garden of Eden with Adam, Eve, the juicy apple, and the tempter of a snake. That’s right, the association made an entire fantasy world entirely out of wallpaper, and that definitely got visitors to imm cologne to take notice.