June 2017 / Designing Through Time & Space

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Oh what an inspiring time in which to live! So many changes, so many advances, so many ways in which to make a positive difference! As readers will learn in this issue, through heat, light, and sensing technical embroidery is making waves in the fields of innovation for a multitude of industry sectors. Pattern, digital print, and texture reign when it comes to surface interest. Tabletop and home accessories thrive in Brooklyn, New York. Wool in the UK, furnishings in Italy, and fashion for outer space are influential. Get inspired with the June edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

The wonders of digital printing

Jennifer's June Journal

Hamburg — This time we live in, our lifetime, experiences change at an unprecedented pace. Can you remember life before the internet or mobile phones?! It seems like eons ago, that moment in time. And just imagine how much more we will encounter in our lives. Ground-breaking technology accounts for much of this change. What will you do with it? Marrying the past, present, and future could be the answer…

Part of the E-broidery Elements collection

A Current Running through Textiles

Worldwide — Come discover technical embroidery! Fashion and the medical industry have been the earliest adopters. Now we see that there are some first movers in the interiors industry as well. What are these modern embroidery techniques? Conductive threads are sewn onto materials. This creates a flexible interconnection of electronic components that result in the emission of light, heat, and sound, to name a few.

Pattern, Print, Texture & Relief

Worldwide — Texture, texture everywhere! All hail tactility! Around the world texture is being embraced in a plethora of forms. Paper, leather, textiles, ceramic, and wood are all materials joining the party. Gone are the days where surfaces were smooth and simple. From handmade collections to high-capacity production, there is something for every interior.

Artists Making the Cut

Brooklyn — A knife is not an item most people get excited about unless one is a connoisseur. Opinel knives are a different story all together. This cult classic was forged in the French Alps in the late 1800s by Joseph Opinel. A favorite tool of Picasso, other artists, farmers and explorers alike, this iconic design has undergone an inspirational transformation, one Trendease witnessed in Brooklyn, New York during design week.

ABC Goes to Brooklyn

Brooklyn — Trendease has taken you through some of the artist and designer studios of Industry City in Brooklyn, a once derelict area that is now becoming a hotbed of activity on the creative scene. It is home to some of our beloved subscribers and featured talent such as West Elm, Flavor Paper, Creativo, and Cara Enteles. During WantedDesign ABC Carpet & Home staged a setup on the ground floor, which you can view within this gallery.

Cool Things We’ve Learned About Wool

London — Perhaps after reading this feature, you will have a greater appreciation for sheep (and wool), learning about how they play into our ecosystem and create a harmony around them. While visiting Meet the Manufacturer last week, Trendease spoke with Bridgette Kelly, the Interior Textiles Director of The Campaign for Wool, and she drove home some intriguing facts about sheep husbandry and wool.

Thanks to the silver threads, this raincoat reflects light and stores the wearer’s body heat.

How to Live & Dress in Space

Frankfurt — At Techtextil and Texprocess there was a collaborative exhibition called ‘Living in Space’ where high-tech fashion was in orbit. Students worked with the European Space Agency and the German Aerospace Center to envision extreme living conditions in which technology and technical textiles could enhance inhabiting the new atmosphere. Such items included ideas around a positive effect on consumer behavior, textile waste, and environmental pollution.

Settings for 'Made in Italy'

Milan — ‘Made in Italy’ is a type of branding with which we are all familiar and it holds clout with the consumer. Italian designer Matteo Zorsenoni shows off various room sets highlighting his latest collaborations with MM Lampadari, Scapin, and Nason Moretti, which are, you guessed it, all made in Italy.

NEWSLETTER #581 - All Clumped Together

Worldwide — Trendease can shed some light of hope and potential, passing along what we observed while visiting Clerkenwell Design Week in London two weeks ago. It was a trend to show new lighting collections all gathered together in families of different origins, living in harmony in an array of shapes, sizes, and materials. Subscribers can see the light within this euphoric metaphor here.

NEWSLETTER #582 - Textiles Made from Air

Bury St. Edmunds — To put some wind in your sails, Trendease would like to share with you the work of one of our Launch Padders who exhibited at MoOD last year. Georgia Cooke’s work is inspired by the interaction of light with cloth. Her textiles are made of horsehair, monofilament, as well as polyester, to create window treatments and room dividers.