July 2017 / The Connecting Thread

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Color that changes through heat, sound, and which has an effect on one’s mood brightens up this month’s issue literally and figuratively. Thermochromic and chromosonic can be added to our collective vocabulary. Furniture and fashion go under the needle in the latest trends and novel manufacturing methods. We see the growing popularity of plants for all types of interiors; biophilia is deep-rooted. Normally we wouldn’t welcome bugs inside, but these designs may have you reconsider. Get inspired with the July edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's July Jargon

Multiple European Cities — We probably all remember the Campana Brothers stuffed animals chairs that became instant collectors’ items in the early 2000s. The warm and fuzzy familiar feeling returns this summer in Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, and France where a number of designs are reminiscent of the Brazilian duos’ childlike furnishings as can be seen in this collection of images. Also read up on Jennifer’s thoughts around this edition.

By Marjan Kooroshnia

Thermochromic and Chromosonic

Multiple European Cities — Thermochromic and chromosonic are descriptive of the future of dynamic surface patterns. First in order to understand the implications, we must comprehend the definitions. By no means are they brand new innovations and technologies, but creative people are opening up the floodgates of opportunity. Creatives in Sweden and Hungary are heating things up – literally.

Color for a Positive Difference

London — Without a doubt color is a big influencer in all of our lives. During the Trendease Team’s recent ventures through graduate shows we came across projects that each looked at color theory and applied it to make a positive change in our lifestyles and interiors. From color-signaling tiles to aid in water preservation to colors prescribed by the doctor, these projects left us inspired.

Sit Down & Pucker Up!

Paris — Paris is known for its romance, so it is fitting to discover a number of sofa designs prefect for sitting down and puckering up--that is referring to the leather, fabrics and quilting techniques, of course! The French reign here with frames from Ligne Roset and Cinna; including neighboring Belgian company JNL adding to the mix with an inviting sectional model.

This Will Have You in Stitches

Worldwide — Seeing as how sofas with more attention paid to the quilting and stitching details of the upholstery are popular models today, it is the prefect reason to have a look at the companies developing the sewing/quilting technologies and check out some of their latest samples. Embroidery as well as quilting is on the rise on surface treatments and we can explore some new innovations in that sector too.

The Theme of Tough Romance

Frankfurt — Since we have been talking a deal about sewing, embroidering, and quilting from a trade standpoint, here is another angle from that of those who are about to enter the industry of design: a visual representation of the works from fashion design students at the Trier University of Applied Arts, Germany.

The Node Collection

Encouraged to Grow

Worldwide — Are you familiar with the biophilia hypothesis? Edward O. Wilson described ‘biophilia’ as "the urge to affiliate with other forms of life". Looking around at international design fairs and the latest products being unveiled to the world, it is plain to see that biophilia is more popular than ever. Here you can find a collection from our recent travels.

A Bug’s Life in Interiors

Multiple European Cities — The 1998 animated fantasy/adventure movie A Bug’s Life with Kevin Spacey had us look at the life of insects in a manner we were not accustomed to-- under a microscope with a comedic twist. We revisited this concept in 2007 with Bee Movie and Jerry Seinfeld. But let’s face it, bugs are not exactly something one desires inside…until now.

London Trends project

NEWSLETTER #583 - Building Blitz

Worldwide — This newsletter’s gallery represents a far-reaching design influence across a number of categories from tabletop ceramics, planters, rugs, wallpaper, and photo murals; it’s a building blitz. Edifices are popping up everywhere. This week’s design-forward building tidbits are constructing new design directions.

NEWSLETTER #584 - Micro-Manufacturing

London — The Trendease Team attends many trade shows. One in which we find numerous micro manufacturers for the textiles (and leather) business is at Meet the Manufacturer in London. In this gallery subscribers can learn of some names as well as get a glimpse of a range of the products and services these clever folk offer. Plus don’t miss Jennifer’s thoughts on the micro-manufacturing movement.

NEWSLETTER #585 - The Future is Trash

London — The new generation certainly has a different way of looking at the world, as every generation did before it, influenced by contemporary affairs of the planet. The throw-away society plus planned obsolescence are not things that gel well with those thoroughly seeped in the sharing economy that is booming today. Ethical consumerism is alive and Trendease highlights the ‘One Man’s Trash’ campaign developed by Hattie Lowers here.