August 2017 / Kickstarting the Future

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Chunky weaves, delicate weaves, even ones influenced by porcupines, augmented reality in print and other eye-opening novel approaches to pattern, sustainable dye rich with cultural heritage, and mother nature as a muse are just some teasers to get you curious about the new talent featured here within and coming to present in the Trendease-curated areas of MoOD-Meet only Original Designs next month. Learn more about the lifestyle movements of wanderlust and community-building and the growing craze around botany to boot! Get inspired with the August edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

Features and Articles

Jennifer's August Amusings

Worldwide — This issue of Trendease is a premier for us in that it corresponds to our first fundraising campaign to help bring new talent to market. This gallery looks at Heimtextil, New York Design Week, and New Designers, events ripe with collections featuring the time-honored motif: the paisley. One range that really stood out as reinventing the classic was from Ms. Nalwoga, 2017 Launch Padder. Enjoy this edition brimming with new and established talent from around the globe.

Diversity of the Weave

Multiple European Cities — Trendease is delighted to present five burgeoning woven textile designers with a vast range of talent, all having a unique approach towards the evolution of the fabrics universe. With only a few years of experience they show much promise to contribute a fresh perspective and novel ideas to the industry. You can find them within Shed 3bis at Tour&Taxis for MoOD Brussels 2017 this September within the Launch Pad, curated by Trendease, where over 20 emerging designers will present their skills.

Afraid of the Dark? Not with Augmented Reality

Waltham — Are we living in the Minority Report? We have witnessed the rise of augmented reality all around us, following the popularity of virtual reality. Trendease has reported on Joshua Barnes’s quilt as well as Merle Flügge’s hybrid interiors, and now we have a project with AR and the feel-good factor to share with you here. We are pleased to announce that Sarah will launch her work to the trade during MoOD in the Trendease-curated Launch Pad. Please do stop by to interact and experience the designs firsthand.

Perfecting the Print

Worldwide — What is in a print? In addition to fine aesthetics and a demonstration of skill, a story we hope! The Trendease Team has scouted a number of budding talent specializing in print from textiles to wallpaper to lampshades, all of whom have a unique story to convey. The design process, the passing of time and the evanescence of things, as well as mathematical influences bring about the creations you see here within.

The Word Around the Fire Pit is...

Los Angeles — So, are you ready to leave the computer and put down your phone for a while to connect and communicate face to face? According to articles in The New Yorker, The Guardian, and various other publications, people live longer who are connected to family and friends. In this feature see what products are spawning around the latest lifestyle trends and movement to unplug.

Hanging Window Gardens - 3D printed planter pods

Where to Put Your Greenery

Worldwide — The Oxford Dictionary defines “botany” as “the scientific study of the physiology, structure, genetics, ecology, distribution, classification, and economic importance of plants.” Botany is an increasingly popular topic today. With such a fascination growing around plant life it is logical that designers are creators of new manners to display and be near flora. Enjoy this collection of designs that enable us to study plant life even if we may not be scientists.

Still Growing Wild

Multiple European Cities — For many of you in the know, if you hear or see one more thing about the tropical trend you may be thinking about taking a long walk off of a short pier. Truth of the matter is that tropical designs are best sellers, and good business cannot be disregarded. From digitally printed wallcoverings with resin to bespoke handmade leather creations, here is an array of the more recent tropical designs claiming the spotlight.

The Alchemy of Natural Dye & Coloring

Bolton — Rachel Dawson is one of our Launch Padders who will unveil her portfolio for the first time to the trade at MoOD in September. She is currently working towards her PhD; her research explores the re-establishment of the use of natural colorants with focus on sustainability plus cultural and historical heritage. It is a practice that dates back to the 17th Century.

NEWSLETTER #586 - Innovate with the Elements

Multiple European Cities — With approximately two weeks left to participate in our Kickstarter supporting new talent, you still have the option to join in and get access to Trendease premium content as well! We accept any amount no matter how small or large. More information and a video featuring inspiring talent visit this link. In this newsletter we bring you fabrics and materials influenced by our planet’s great oceans and mankind’s relationship to the elements.