October 2017 / Synchronicity in Design Trends

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Synchronicity is “the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.” Tuned in people who do not follow trends can detect similar directions when all parties are tapped into lifestyle shifts and current affairs. Many design professionals use trend reports to solidify their own findings. This edition of Trendease will confirm market shifts as we draw parallels between the London Design Festival, Maison&Objet, Heimtextil, Christmasworld, Paperworld, and Creativeworld. Get inspired with the October edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles


Jennifer's October Observations

London — After reviewing the Trendease findings from numerous design happenings and plentiful sneak peek market previews, there are a plethora of parallels we can draw from this research. While politicians may be at odds with each other, trend gurus’ predictions are not. In this edition understand the parallels between the London Design Festival, Maison&Objet, Heimtextil, Christmasworld, Creativeworld, and Paperworld among others.

Victoria tea set inspired by the V&A Museum ceramic archives. Handcarved Italian arrabescato marble with brass by master craftsman: teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl, teacup, saucer, and spoon by editions milano with Bethan Gray.

Exclusive Preview: Christmasworld Trends 2018/19

Frankfurt — The Christmasworld Trend Show envisioned by bora.herke.palmisano enables visitors to take a look at the colors, materials, and designs of the up-coming 2018/19 season of festive decoration. The most recent social movements, interior design directions, and fashion tendencies were considered to identify four major trends to be presented in Frankfurt next January.

LED wallpaper is customizable and available in a range of collections at Meystyle

Exclusive Preview: Creativeworld Trends 2018/19

Frankfurt — Creativeworld, the international trade fair for hobbies, arts & crafts and artists’ provisions, offers the latest trends for the DIY market. For the 2018/19 DIY season, bora.herke.palmisano has developed three trend worlds with an amalgamation of different material combinations, influences from nature, and purist colors, which will be staged next January. The result will be new presentation and sales opportunities for the trade.

The top slides open to a drawer and charging station

Exclusive Preview: Paperworld Trends 2018/19

Frankfurt — “Flexible working hours and mobile work spaces are increasingly blurring the lines between work and free time. But that does not mean that the office has lost its purpose as a place for people to meet and a place where they can concentrate – a lot of the many new concepts approach the new demands in imaginative and creative ways. The trends for 2018/19 pick up on these forward-looking tendencies…”

From the brand new collection: Stroma

Exclusive Preview: Wallpaper Trends 2018

London — Unveiled during the London Design Festival and paralleling with trend directions at Maison&Objet as well as for the 2018/19 presentations of Heimtextil, Christmasworld, Creativeworld, and Paperworld, these themes for wallpaper designs ready for the 2018 market are perfectly aligned. Be sure to read Jennifer’s October Observations to learn how these stories tie into other trends Trendease has reported.

Exclusive Preview: M&O New Craft Preview 2018

Paris — Craftsmanship has been in the spotlight and appreciation has grown for the immense talent these practitioners have acquired from the masters of yesteryear. In January 2018, the craft sector at Maison&Objet will transform. Here is a preview of the talent and new format that will include tableware, jewelry and fashion accessories, lighting, furniture and wall pieces, sculptures and collector’s items.

"Down Jacket-Inspired Comfort & Cushions on Legs"

Maison&Objet: Comfort Zone

Paris — For the 2018 trend theme presented at Maison&Objet the Observatory team, the group that catalogs directions in consumption and budding lifestyle shifts, made it all about comfort. The evolution of comfort, comfort and sleep, luxurious comfort, the ABCs of comfort, new comfortable materials, office comfort, and a childlike comfort were sub themes staged in the inspirational zone, which you can view in detail here.

HAVE A SEAT | Mimi Jung

The Diversity of an Upholstery Fabric

London — It is a carnival of imagination, with the intention to inspire the industry, to push the status quo in materiality and techniques, as well as to make one rethink the use of textiles. At Design Frontiers at Somerset House during the London Design Festival, with participation of creatives from around the planet, this exhibition paid homage to a core upholstery textile unlike any other. Here are their stories.

NEWSLETTER #590 - Ambiente Trend Preview

Frankfurt — Trendease recently met with the folks from Ambiente and we are pleased to present you with a sneak peek of the 2018 trends to be presented next February: “Fusion, Link and Connection”. The four design directions include: Modest Regenerations, Colorful Intentions, Technological Emotions, and Opulent Narrations.

Colour Dial table

NEWSLETTER #591 - Hola Ombre

Worldwide — Here we look at one of the design directions we saw an abundance of during the London Design Festival spreading across multiple product categories: lighting, furniture, ceramics and home accessories, screen prints, art, upholstery, and kitchen linens. The ombre, otherwise known as the gradation of color from light to dark, takes on meaning well beyond the merging of colors.

NEWSLETTER #592 - Joints & Joinery

Eindhoven — It was an enthralling week exploring Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. As usual we hit up the Design Academy to see what thought-provoking concepts the new graduates had to show. An updated theme we saw emerging was a step beyond that of ergonomics, which looked at lifestyle shifts, healthy behavior, and encompasses everything from fashion to furnishings.