December 2017 / Craft Tech & Connectivity

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Connectivity, communication, and emotions play into the future of design. A blind designer helps those who cannot see experience an ear-to-ear grin; sound and color are a vehicle to share one’s emotions without speaking a word; rust, a once dreaded visual on a surface now becomes controlled and desired; furniture that seamlessly charges our mobile phones and creates modular, flexible spaces; patterns and motifs that are universally popular across ages and geographic boarders; safe colors and colors that pop! It is all here. Get inspired with the December edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's December Diaries

Multiple European Cities — Embracing the past, present, and future of design capabilities, crafts, and processes while still maintaining the human connection is what this edition of Trendease is about. Design is more than aesthetics. This gallery within points out a number of print and color direction parallels between the juvenile and adult textile markets.

Baby & Child Color & Print Trends

Los Angeles — This very thorough report from our Trendease expert with over 4 decades of experience in the field contains 50 images to back research on trending colors, prints, motifs, and patterns for the baby and children’s markets. Swaddles, blankets, quilts, stuffed animals, blocks, bibs, and placemats are just some of the products unveiled here supporting industry design movements.

Design by Katarzyna Schmidt – Przewoźna

When Rust is a Good Thing

Worldwide — Traditionally when your products or materials start to rust this is considered a bad thing, but now companies and designers are leveraging the aesthetic of rust to put a positive spin on design, to create a unique surface for interiors and product development. In this feature explore innovations in materials, home accessories, wallcoverings, and textiles.

EC1 SOFA Designed by Peter Barreth

Problem Solving Furnishings

Multiple European Cities — Panic strikes! Your phone/laptop/tablet/insert electronic device here is about to run out of juice. Battery low! Oh no, the world is about to end! Thankfully designers have come to the rescue of this first world problem to bring us connected furnishings. This product category mainly applies to offices and commercial spaces; however, there is no reason why these designs cannot be used in residential interiors.


Speaking without Words through Design

Eindhoven — Communication is integral to understanding one another. Words, whether through writing or speaking may not always be an option, or the best way to share. During a recent trip the Trendease Team was inspired by three very different projects which exemplify exactly what we mean. At the bare minimum the we hope that these projects enlighten you to think deeper about communication and the way we design products and/or experiences.

Communication and Connectivity

Worldwide — This lifestyle trend is about products that connect families together through thoughtful contemplation, play, and communication. As the world becomes smaller because of the internet and world travel, “connectivity” is the grounding lifestyle trend that will keep our families connected as well as fill our desire to find a place where we can continue to interact with each other in a positive way.

Why Do Flamingos Stand on One Leg?

Worldwide — The Trendease Team has been out traveling the world in search of the latest innovations, new talent, and market directions. During our adventures we have been keeping our eyes peeled for the hottest, patterns, motifs, and graphics that add interest to a plethora of surfaces on a wide-range of products. Oddly enough this research led us to ponder, “Why do flamingos stand on one leg?” Find out here, plus how on earth that ties into contemporary design trends.

Solid wood with digital print finishing

Surface Transformations & Craft Tech

Multiple European Cities — Every surface lends itself to a design opportunity. The armoires, cabinets, tables, chairs, lampshades, shelves and other various pieces of furniture in this photo gallery are no exception. Reclaimed timber undergoes amazing transformations through woodworking and digital technologies and solid wood looks nothing like wood once it is covered with a print. What designs are topping these beauties? Let’s find out!

NEWSLETTER #595 - A New Quadratic Formula

Worldwide — The notions of the previewed Material Futures projects certainly employ an element of out-of-the-box thinking while the designs seen in this week’s photo gallery selection are very much in-the-box, more literally. Subscribers are welcome to learn more about the new quadratic formula of design here.

NEWSLETTER #596 - Holiday Retail Windows

London — Subscribers are invited to get in the holiday spirit by checking out some retail windows here. Jennifer writes, “As I sit with my family about to wrap gifts, I am filled with love for all that is good on this planet and on behalf of the Trendease Team, we wish you the same happiness in the small things.”