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Celebrate life this month while exploring the trends for the 2018/19 festive holiday season as seen at Christmasworld. Get nerdy with office accessory design directions; grab some stationery to write about it at Paperworld! Creativeworld brings out your inner artist looking for the hottest crafts and do-it-yourself projects. Ambiente influences consumer goods, interior design, and decoration through 2019. Numerous color stories, patterns, and motifs help stimulate fresh directions. From tabletop to the office to the garden, get inspired with the March edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's March Musings

Frankfurt — Some people are calling it “Snowmageddon” and others calling it “The Beast from the East”. This is what a dusting of snow and negative temperatures accomplish in London. It is quite entertaining for Jennifer, having grown up in New England where snow days rarely happened if there were less than a couple of feet of snow. Looking on the bright side, it sets the perfect tone for the first three galleries this month…

Christmasworld: Splendid History

Frankfurt — Rich elegance is yours to discover as you pull back the curtains of five miniature universes filled with decoration for the next holiday season. Vases, lighting, decorative accessories, and ornaments spruce up tabletops merchandised to the nines. This selection of images is complemented with a color story containing Pantone color references.

Christmasworld: Eclectic Gathering

Frankfurt — Enter this festive world of trends for the 2018/19 season where an extensive mix of colors and items get you in the mood for celebration. Joined by a color story with Pantone color references intermingle cars, cakes, bears, birds, beetles, pineapples, flamingos, and a fun array of objects, plus trimmings. Surprising combinations await you here.

Creativeworld: The Purist

Frankfurt — At Creativeworld, familiar techniques blend with the latest themes to form the trends for the craft sector forecast by Stilboro bora.herke.palmisano, the trio who are influenced by contemporary textile and product design, as well as fashion, to provide inspiration to manufacturers, specialist retailers, and hobbyists. The three trends for 2018/2019 are The Purist, The Gardener, and The Colorist.

Creativeworld: The Gardener

Frankfurt — Crochet ups its game to be as “hot” as knitting. Leaves, flowers, butterflies and beetles are stitched and stamped. The garden is a huge influence here, but so is the balcony or windowsill for city dwellers. Sage, lime greens, autumnal reds, and bright chicory blue unite in this color palette. The outside comes in through the means of sketching, watercolors, knitting and weaving.

Creativeworld: The Colorist

Frankfurt — “This joy in color and pattern is omnipresent: ‘the colorist’ will paint, print or stencil freely onto textiles, papers, porcelain, and wickerwork. Colorists work on wood, stitch colorful patterns, print, iron, or appliqué additional stripes and shapes onto already-patterned materials. To find the right technique, colorists try it out – whether with rubber stamps or transfer film.”

Paperworld: Minimal + Excellent

Frankfurt — For the occasion of Paperworld Stilboro bora.herke.palmisano staged the trend area ‘minimal + excellent’. “With the constant development of technology, our lifestyles are increasingly changing. Areas of life such as work, leisure, and travel are now almost seamlessly intertwined. In the minimal + excellent stationery trend, high-tech and craftsmanship combine to create a high-quality, ultramodern look.”

Paperworld: Spirit + Ambition

Frankfurt — See the ‘spirit + ambition’ trend area and Pantone color story here. “The exploration of digital and analog pathways towards an artistic and emotional form of expression engages artists, product designers and creatives. The spirit + ambition stationery trend incorporates a positive and very contemporary interpretation of current opportunities and future perspectives,” comments bora.herke.palmisano.

Paperworld: Work + Challenge

Frankfurt — “The world of work is changing. It is becoming more mobile, more flexible, and more thoughtful. Companies need to respond to new requirements – not least in order to retain their staff. The work + challenge office trend develops a relaxed atmosphere in which high-tech and comfort are not mutually exclusive,” explains the team behind the 2018/19 office trends seen here, including a Pantone-referenced color story.

NEWSLETTER #602 - Modest Regenerations

Frankfurt — Wondering about what the future holds? If you are searching for some upcoming themes for consumer market trends, look no further. Inspirational product images, color stories with multiple Pantone references, as well as material directions, and timely buzzwords await you here.

NEWSLETTER #603 - Opulent Narrations

Frankfurt — We are in the middle of that two-week period of confusion where the United States has already sprung ahead with Daylight Savings Time and Europe lags behind for 14 days while businesses and individuals try to figure it all out. This week we bring our subscribers more consumer goods trends and Pantone color references to coincide with a slew of product imagery.

Ambiente: Colorful Intentions

Frankfurt — At the 2018 edition of the largest international trade show for consumer goods, Ambiente, there were four trend directions presented for the 2018/19 season. Visitors to the fair in Frankfurt, Germany could discover design ranging from traditional to futuristic, vivid colors to a more muted palette of hues. Find out more here.

Ambiente: Technological Emotions

Frankfurt — In Technological Emotions the emphasis is upon amalgams of paper and linen, wood and metal, metal and glass. Also, wafer-thin foils, soft textile structures and innovative optical accents with iridescent colors and gradients artfully appeal to the senses. Subscribers are well to explore images of this design direction as well as note the Pantone color references which complement it.

NEWSLETTER #604 - Urban Nomads & Design

Cologne — Annually more than 11 million Germans move to a new home for love, work, school, or family. Overall, the number of relocations is on the rise from 9.4 million people in 2013. With urban nomads in mind, DTI constructed a Bedouin tent made of wallpaper to act as a stimulus for discussion: new wallpaper for every move.