October 2018 / The Promised Land of Design

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We are living in a time where being wholesome and practicing clean living is all of the rage. Words like ‘virtuous’, ‘honest’, ‘honorable’, ‘incorruptible’, ‘untarnished’, and ‘guiltless’ hold weight. The most frequently used words for trend-driven products are now ‘artisan’ and ‘handmade’. Tech is hidden, but still definitely present. The most popular topic is waste. New materials and composites are popping up all over the place. The sharing economy is being embraced and convivial living is on the rise, where meals are a strong bonding experience. Get inspired with the October edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's October Observations

Brussels — Other words that frequently surfaced during our recent research were ‘altruism’, ‘optimism’, ‘healthy’, ‘protection’, ‘reassuring’, ‘simplicity’, ‘organic’, and ‘timeless’. By exploring this edition of Trendease you will get a feel for this and hopefully walk away with a positive feeling. We are the creators of our own promised land.

Virtuous in Paris

Paris — The Virtuous Factory, the Virtuous Design, the Virtuous Makers, the Virtuous Stories, the Virtuous Store, and the Virtuous Kid’s Room make up the six trend areas staged for the September edition of Maison&Objet. These exhibition spaces take you through a journey of the theme Virtuous. Here we see new perspectives for a socially responsible lifestyle.

The Balance Between Light & Dark

Paris — This feature offers a select inventory of the season’s decorative accessories: textiles, vases, accessories, lighting, curios, and small furnishings. As can be seen within this reportage, this space is staged around four themes that demonstrate the balance between light and dark. This gallery contains 58 images representing the four moods.

Sharing is the New Black

Paris — As transparency slowly becomes the norm, we are more aware of what we put into our bodies. We like to celebrate to joy of cooking and eating with loves ones, the friendly environment making things taste even better. What better way to cook than with the latest and greatest the market has to offer? Nearly 50 images representing four dining themes can be seen here within.

Shifts in Leisurely Lifestyles

Paris — How do you spend your free time? This feature looks at six key ways to pass the time from playing games, entertaining, collecting, writing, traveling, to even cultivating plants. Accompanying each hobby are trend tidbits to keep you in the know. For example, among nature-inspired colors, terracotta and forest green are the two prominent colors for weekend travel and hiking accessories.


Luxury Care

Paris — The “What’s New?” spaces present the season’s new products at Maison&Objet, organized by theme, items that stand out from the crowd because they are innovative, or because of the materials and know-how used to make them. “Care” brings a promise of wellness and the chance to recharge one’s batteries. See three design directions here, along with the buzzwords used to define them.

Natural & Organic Tendencies

Paris — Natural and organic tendencies lean towards eco-friendliness for a down-to-earth and contemporary style. On the surface everything looks simple; all technology is hidden, but the material combinations and shades of powder pink and beige add an intriguing twist. Step into this ecosphere for relaxation and a reassuring world.

Mediterranean Pampering

Paris — Crafts and artistic traditions look anything but ho-hum in the design direction of Mediterranean care. Warm yellows grounded with neutral hues balance out the strong contrasts of navy blue on white. Raw finishes, seagrass, driftwood, wicker, and jute become modern when paired with bold art and contemporary accessories.

NEWSLETTER #621 - Colors of Well-Being

Phuket — Otherwise known as the Nine Emperor Gods Festival, this celebration a belief that abstinence from meat/poultry/fish/dairy/eggs and several stimulants during the ninth lunar month of the Chinese calendar will help acquire health, well-being, and peace of mind. Refraining from all of the Taoist details of the carnival, we focus on design, and share with you the inspiring color palettes discovered.

Symbolical Discussion


Bangkok — For those of you interested in trends forecast with the ASEAN consumer in mind, this newsletter is for you. STYLE Bangkok, where TIFF, BIG+BIH, and BIFF&BIL have joined forces to create one lifestyle exhibition, showcased a trend installation as a result of contributions from leading local influencers including material suppliers, tanneries, and trade associations with an eye towards S/S 2019.

NEWSLETTER #623 - Designing with Water

Eindhoven — As we know, water has become a precious resource on one hand, and on the other, it has become a danger with rising water levels and changes in the climate. We need it to survive and simultaneously we dread how it threatens our survival in parts of the world. Here are some diverse, provoking designs with water in mind.