November 2018 / Trends Preview Mania

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If a group of people studied various angles and influencers of the market to be able to bestow upon you pearls of wisdom to assist you in running a profitable design business, would you find value in the information? We hope so! This issue starts with ten trend directions shaping the lifestyle and consumer sectors in 2019/20, and it does not stop there. Furniture and product design, architecture, fashion, office supplies, and seasonal styles crosspollinate to give some indications of what is to come. Get inspired with the November edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's November Notes

Frankfurt — The trends presented in this issue draw upon movements in fashion and architecture as well as product and furniture design. In this gallery we see three new DIY trends and review the status of the industry. There have been so many paradigm shifts in the marketplace in terms of product development, buying and selling. Co-creation and digital retail have turned tradition on its head. Read and see more inside.

Other-Worldly Styles Emerge

Frankfurt — “Tender festivities, essential ceremonies, sweet traditions, and luminous celebrations – four emotive styles embody the range of festive decoration available and provide the retail trade with an exclusive tool for creating their own selections for the upcoming festive season in 2019/20” explains Christmasworld while unveiling a sneak peek of the exhibition’s trends to be presented next year.

"In this project I have worked with craft as a method to design. I have deepened my knowledge in different craft techniques with words as; pattern, structure and construction as headlines and applied my research in a chair."

A Celebration of the Natural and Authentic

Frankfurt — Pull up a chair to the table and get hands-on for the festive 19/20 season. This trend direction is all about the natural and authentic. “Craft is about carrying on traditions and working with the hands and the passion of creativity.” Respect for materials and their qualities align with this design direction where naturalness and modernity meet raw, rustic aspects.

Joy & Gingerbread

Frankfurt — For this seasonal design direction of ’sweet traditions’ “decorations bubble over with wit and charm; shades of gingerbread, peach, nougat, bittersweet colors, strawberry ice, rum and raisin, coconut and evergreen whet the appetite for ever more color.” This trend evokes a joyful feeling just in time to plan for the 2019/2020 holiday period.

Beneath the Elegant, Dark Nuances

Frankfurt — The holidays are an ideal time for glitz and glam. For the 2019/2020 season there will be vibrant colors, combined with elegant dark tones that run into one another to create a luminous celebration. In this piece learn about the trends envisioned for Christmasworld 2019 from bora.herke.palmisano to be presented next year in Frankfurt.

Graphic Color Groupings & Bold Patterns

Frankfurt — Who wants a boring workspace? Not us! The graphic works of Antonyo Marest, “a symbol of personal growth and positivism”, stretched across chairs at 100% Design also fit into this forecast for 2019/2020 to be presented at next year’s Paperworld, where unique colors and geometric graphics collide. These prints, with exaggerated and uneven colors, refer to the struggle and unity of styles, movements, and trends in art.

Writing Brings You Closer to Nature

Frankfurt — With this trend also embracing waste prevention and the proper utilization of our resources, furnishings such as the Tabloid Table fit right in. The size is inspired by tabloid newspapers and one of the materials used is a water-based, lacquered veneer of NewspaperWood, an innovation made from logs of unused newspapers, which is also recyclable. The wood grain is yesterday’s news and tomorrow’s future.

Emotion Combined with Technology & Flexibility

Frankfurt — Here is an office trend that incorporates smart room concepts with highly flexible, modular furniture and work equipment. One brand featured includes Bulo, "We always try to add a sort of feelgood factor. A sort of humor, an emotion, which is much more important than all the standards we have to comply with in the office world."

NEWSLETTER #624 - Ambiente Trends Preview

Frankfurt — Take a sneak peek at the trends to be presented at Ambiente 2019. “Every trend is based on a social development. It’s an attitude to life which expresses itself in new, rediscovered and modified shapes, patterns and also functions. It takes the form of valuable stimuli for buyers, though also for manufacturers, who can specifically prepare for the year ahead.”

The Renter’s Sanctuary

NEWSLETTER #625 - Retail Paradigm Shifts

London — We all know that the retail environment is shifting. Bricks and mortar retailers are scrambling to tweak their business models. Some online retailers are shifting towards a pop-up model where they have a temporary space that acts as a showroom and all goods on display can be bought online. Here is a pop-up shop where a warehouse was transformed into an online shoppable experience.