February 2019 / A Smorgasbord of Trends

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The winter trade show season is in full swing! This month we deliver to you a recap of January’s most influential trend presentations and design directions, which help you stay relevant in today’s fast-paced world. Pantone color references are included in a number of the galleries. From textiles to furniture to home accessories and housewares, they are all here. Get inspired with the February edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's February Fables

Cologne — January is a month chock-a-block with design events. The February issue of Trendease is our opportunity to share with you a plethora of the trend presentations highlighted at the shows. Over the course of the month you will see a number of galleries covering a smorgasbord of design directions that prepare you for the seasons to come.

A Crossing of Influences and Cultures

Paris — Maison&Objet has a new approach to how they present the latest lifestyle movements in decor and has asked forecaster Elizabeth Leriche to stage three major trends. The first, presented within this gallery is Ethnic Arty which, “reveals a desire for diversity, a crossing of influences and cultures, and updates expressions of authentic artisanal skill and craftsmanship, using materials and techniques to add a twist with unique creative designs”.

Rhythms of Color and Pattern

Paris — The second trend of three, staged by Elizabeth Leriche for Masion&Objet, is here. “Luxury Graphic explores rhythms of color and pattern, paired with corresponding precious materials, and revamps it all with the sophistication of a heritage feel, from Art Deco through to the 1970s and a decorator’s mindset.”

Contemplative Elemental Simplicity

Paris — This third trend “offers variations on contemporary minimalism and elemental simplicity, driven by the strength of raw materials and the simplicity of architected, sculptural shapes, in a contemplative atmosphere.” Walk into this area and a feeling of Zen washes over you. Soothing colors, and humble materials, create a peaceful environment.

Flavors for the Eye

Paris — As seen with this display titled ‘Flavors’ from François Bernard, Maison&Objet has a new method to how they showcase the latest lifestyle movements in tableware. “Though each of the flavors is defined by a color harmony, its style, on the other hand, favors a blend of past/present/future, resonating with the current taste for connections (synesthesia) and free, creative combinations.”

Local Style with a Cultural Mix

Paris — Here is another display from ‘Flavors’ by François Bernard at Maison&Objet. Spicy embraces local style with a cultural mix and is inspired by worldly street food. The color palette is made up of a wide range of reds, terracotta, clay, rose-coral, ochres, and saffron. Handmade effects and clay textures are lumpy, rustic, rusty, embossed, and hammered. Also included are Pantone color references.

Bitter is Classic Style Revisited

Paris — Here creative evolutions are presented in terms of color, material, and shape for new tableware products. Bitter is represented by the classic style revisited. Within we see a range of leafy greens, forest green, blue green, and accents of purple coupled with Pantone references. This vegetal inspiration is a mix of 18th century European style and design.

Simultaneously Rustic and Contemporary

Paris — What other flavors tickled out taste buds and dazzled our eyes at the recent Maison&Objet? Simultaneously rustic and contemporary, Salty is a neo naturalistic style. For this tabletop trend the textures are spotted, porous, and crystalized, with rough and irregular surfaces. This color palette featuring Pantone references ranges from white to black, pink to grey, with touches of cobalt.

Sweets Your Dentist Won't Mind

Paris — The final flavor of 2019 is sugar coated. Poetic metaphors between colors and flavors reveal all that’s new in color ranges and textures. Sweet is a contemporary style that is playful, artistic, and chic. Melting textures are smooth as well as transparent. Surfaces can also be matte with velvet aspects. This saccharine palette of pastels contains Pantone references.

NEWSLETTER #631 - 3 Trends in Leisure Design

Paris — François Delclaux’s “What’s New?” leisure and culture space takes you on a journey to three ideal destinations: Ice, Wood and Sun. This week’s newsletter comes in the form of three galleries that showcase the latest trends in travel accessories, stationery, games, smart objects and gifts under three “leisure” showcases.

Traveling to Sun Land

Paris — And for the final place ‘Sun land’, where all the items exude a summery vibe and pack a colorful punch. “A very 1950s Miami-esque vibe that puts coral pink center stage – it’s even been elected color of the year by Pantone (living coral),” says Delclaux. Here you can find latest trends in travel accessories, stationery, games, smart objects and gifts.

Hipster & Natural

Paris — François Delclaux explains, “My starting point was the concept of travel, the ultimate leisure activity! I whisk visitors off to three fictitious countries…” ‘Wood land’, celebrates wood and all things hipster and natural; “An increasing amount of wood has started popping up in the most unexpected places, being used for iPhone covers, perfumed candle holders, spectacles and even technological devices.

The Nightrider

NEWSLETTER #632 - 7 Interiors Personified

Cologne — In this week’s gallery subscribers will uncover seven trend themes for interior design (everything from ceramics to furnishings to floor coverings) that are interpreted as personifications of style in room settings. “Everyone’s home tells a story about who they are, what they believe in, and about the things they love. A house is a pile of bricks, a home is an identity card.”

Theta 6 (2019): Chrome ink on wood - 70x70cm

NEWSLETTER #633 - Art, Machine & Man

London — It’s always refreshing to venture beyond trade shows. This week we went to see Damien Borowik’s solo exhibition at Jeannie Avent Gallery in East Dulwich, London, open through February 26th. One of the many things that fascinates us about art is how you can look at it and interpret it one way, and then when you learn the artist’s perspective that initial impression can entirely change.