April 2019 / Perfect & Intentionally Flawed

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In this issue of Trendease we see a number of reoccurring themes popping up once again. And as experience dictates, for every trend there tends to be a counter trend. On one hand we see the idea of pristine perfection where everything has its place, and on the other we bear witness to a growing embrace of the intentionally flawed and intrinsically human processes and products. Dive into these aesthetics and others that will keep you informed for the seasons to come. Get inspired with the April edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's April Antics

Worldwide — The bones of this issue show trends for the coming seasons for the home accessory, DIY, paper goods, and office sectors, among others. Some reoccurring themes include nature, urban living, coziness, handicrafts, natural materials, uplifting and natural color palettes. There are a number of supporting Pantone color palettes, including those presented here within for A/W 2020-2021.

Cozy, Warm and Snuggly

Frankfurt — In this calm, decorative world for 2020 look for varying shades of white. Soft, chunky textiles bring in the snuggle factor, complemented by wicker, plaster wrapping, dip dying, and handmade or repurposed flea market finds. Witness macramé come back into style with a new twist. These products are modeled with a personal touch.

Striving Not for Perfection

Frankfurt — The table is set for 2020. Ceramics, stone, terrazzo, concrete, linen and wood assemble together for an authentic look with a handmade spin. Dark denim blues, red wine, burnt orange, and ochre are some of the colors one would find at this setting. Crocheted coasters, woven table runners, and linen napkins are all one-of-a-kind.

DIY and Mood Enhancing Colors

Frankfurt — Being a “hobbyist” is out, and being a “maker” is in. This lifestyle choice is a sector-wide movement attractive to a “young, urban, upwardly mobile” clientele. Staying on top of these trends can assist you in reaching this emerging target market and perhaps make you wish you had more free time to participate in some of these projects yourself!

Scandinavian and Japanese Styles Converge

Frankfurt — Here we see how future design directions include the ideas of resource conservation and excess waste circumvention. Marbled surfaces and patterns from nature add a decorative touch alongside materials like oak, walnut, cedar, stone, leather, linen, wool and wool felt. Over 40 images and a Pantone color story illustrate how these products create a pleasing aesthetic and make a great retail display.

Fashion & Interior Design Influence Stationery

Frankfurt — “Micro patterns, striking graphic motifs and sublime color combinations – this sophisticated combination catches the eye in interior and fashion design. Many unusual and surprising stationery designs bear witness to the way this style inspires the sector.” This is an industry crossover observed by bora.herke.palmisano, presented here along with Pantone colors.

Office Trend: Monochrome Sunset

Frankfurt — Style bureau bora.herke.palmisano comments, “With increasing digitization and urbanization, our previous ideas regarding life and work are noticeably changing. Interestingly, it is not so much technology as the consideration of human aspects that is at the forefront of product and interior design.” In this gallery get a look at office accessory trends for 2019-2020 with a selection of product images and a Pantone color story.

Farming textiles

Intriguing Textile Innovations

Boras — The Trendease Team loves to keep a lookout for fresh innovations. Here we focus on some of the novel research in terms of technical textile developments. These projects show very different possibilities that demonstrate the diverse applications of textiles and what the future holds. From jacquards that help with interior urban gardening to self-forming hybrid textiles, there are quite a few intriguing ideas to discover here.

Design by Mariana Hernandez

NEWSLETTER #636 - Milan Intrigues

Milan — As usual, Milan Design Week packed quite a punch and had us running around nonstop all week to the hundreds of external events of the Fuori Salone and of course the Salone Internazionale del Mobile. We uncovered a breadth of new, intriguing creations, some of which we share here. They are interactive with a touch of fun.