May 2019 / Articulating Evocative Style

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This edition is about the expression of strong feelings that are conjured up through design. On one hand we have the homey effect brought about by craftsmanship, on the other there is ease added to shopping with business models that are embracing the latest technologies. Designs from the past, tried and true, are making a comeback, also being reborn through new material experimentation. Trends for the contract market are highlighting the importance of well-being and functionality, plus the digital revolution and the rise of co-living spaces. Get inspired with the May edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's May Marvels

Milan — In a world where so many things seem to be driven by technology, it is refreshing to see that trend balanced out with the completely manual realm of handicrafts and skilled craftsmanship. An excellent example of this is the display staged within this gallery of images. This reinvented space put smiles on the faces of thousands of design week goers.

The Evolving Shopping Experience

Milan — Last month in Milan, during design week, in partnership with Artek and Columbia Road, Marimekko inspired visitors to its pop-up with a shoppable home. “The Marimekko Shoppable Home marries unique Finnish design thinking with the country's leading technological know-how.” The process was simple, but would people rather shop from home?

A Chip off the Old Block

Multiple European Cities — Traditionally the word “terrazzo”, coming from the Latin word for “earth” (terra), has been defined as a flooring material containing chips of marble or granite set in concrete and polished to give a smooth surface. Terrazzo can be seen on the sidewalk making up the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the walls of numerous Italian buildings, and today on a number of trendy items, even dinner bowls, as well as inspiring new materials.

A Link Between Nature & Culture

Milan — Raw earth, stone, terracotta, wood, wicker, pumpkin leather, silk, and cashmere are combined in this collection of new product images that represent a link between nature and culture. Hand-embroidery with silk thread and fashion reinterpreted into vases, or equestrian bridle leather applied to furniture, epitomize a high-end approach to this connection.

Visionary and Technological Contract Trends

Worldwide — Accompanied by a Pantone color story, this direction for contract design through 2020 is about technology, immateriality, transparency, optical effects, relaxation and well-being. Fluorescent and neutral colors balance out, some even have reflective aesthetics. Textiles, glass, and metal have varying surface affects to tie the look together.

Modest Tendencies Through 2020

Worldwide — Here you can find inspiration for the contract markets including work and leisure, health and care, hotels and restaurants. This calm and unfussed look is mindful and subtle. Interior acoustics and sun protection are qualities of the textiles. Resource preservation, recycling, and honoring craftsmanship for longevity are topics of importance. A Pantone color palette of natural tones and accents supports the theme.

Optimism, Flexibility and Change

Worldwide — The interior of the future embraces the concept of flexibility. One space that can function for diverse uses. Conventional practices are turned upside-down and new schools of thought take their place. Experimental, spontaneous, fun, attention-getting designs bring cheer. This optimistic color palette is referenced with Pantone numbers representing a 2019/20 design direction.

Unique, Dramatic, and Sophisticated

Worldwide — Design classics, those reinterpreted, and retro fashions are part of this direction for the coming seasons. From pastel hues to rich shades, this color story with Pantone references is quite sophisticated. Voluminous fabrics, velvet, and silk are placed alongside materials such as brushed wood, marble, bronzed glass, warm metals, and glazed stone tiles.

Courtesy of FranklinTill

NEWSLETTER #637 - Spirituality Impacts Design

London — Perfectly in tune with London Craft Week, we attended the launch of FranklinTill’s new issue of Viewpoint titled ‘Spirituality’. “Viewpoint #43, the Spirituality edition, unpacks the reasons why, in the most rational, scientifically aware, data-driven societies that have ever existed, we still yearn for the unexplained and the unexplainable.”