June 2019 / Humanness & Technical Wisdom

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There are innate characteristics we share based on the simple fact that we are all human. For example, the tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life, the desire to innovate and invent, and the deep-seated need to survive (we need the planet to do that!). This issue celebrates these facets in a range of ways from product and pattern design, sustainability, charitable acts, natural dyes, new materials, embracing lifestyle shifts, and celebrating the past by improving upon it for the future. Get inspired with the June edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles


Jennifer's June Journal

Berlin — Rebecca Schedler recently won the 1st place in the Micro-architecture Category at the Techtextil Student Competition for her design ‘Airdapt’. Inspired by the plant known as the Venus flytrap, this textile is a kinetic wall system driven by air. The prototype consists of two layers of PE film and one layer of acoustic felt. Large spaces can easily be divided with this new concept.

Shedding a Light on CDW

London — We enjoyed exploring the numerous venues of Clerkenwell Design Week in London a couple of weeks ago. Here are just a few styles out of a myriad of options that the Trendease Team believes to embrace the current themes in the world today: cultural interconnectedness, contemporary lifestyles, functionality, consideration, craft, and provocative, charitable art.

Sunbathed Biophilia

Multiple European Cities — Two years ago, only a handful of people were familiar with the term “biophilia”. Now the term has saturated the market as we see an abundance of green making its way indoors. Not just real and artificial plants, but also the imagery and motifs that stretch across broad home categories from bedding, wallcoverings, canvases, decorative cushions and accessories.

Sideways Tea Parties

Multiple European Cities — The Mad Hatter would be right at home in a setting like this! During our recent travels the most reoccurring theme for showing off the latest tabletop goods is definitely the sideways tea party. Entire place settings and all of the accessories to go with them are merchandised in this manner. Even the most lavish of decorative pillows have their place here. Where will you sit?

Porcelain Textiles Redefined

Rotterdam — ‘Woven Spaces - Porcelain Textiles’ translate the Thuringian tradition of porcelain lace from the late 19th century into modern-day design. The textiles are dipped, fired, and disappear due to the high temperature, leaving an ethereal form behind. Post ‘Trendease On the Move’ video, you can see more in-depth research here.

New Yarn Inventions to Inspire

Pacos de Brandao — The aim of this project is to develop textile substrates with cork incorporation. They intend to advance high performance products by simultaneously incorporating the characteristics of other textile bases, such as soft hand, as well as incorporate cork’s functional benefits including higher abrasion resistance, hypoallergenic properties, insulation… Learn more about it here!

Innovation in Sustainable Dyeing

Vila Nova de Famalicăo — By far some of the biggest trends in the industry revolve around the topics of sustainability, circular economy, the use of natural resources, and less chemical, more natural processes for our textiles. Be on the lookout for an increasing utilization of these pigmentation methods seen within this article, as well as marketing strategies to gain a competitive advantage around the use of sustainable textiles dyes.

A Decade Past Continues to Breed Inspiration

London — Now through September 1st visitors can be wowed by the world of Christian Dior at the V&A museum. Anyone with a creative bone in their body will walk away awestruck and inspired. Did you know that the world-famous icon only started the fashion house in 1946 and passed away in 1957, just shy of the brand’s 11th anniversary? What an impact one decade can make! 50+ images of inspiration await you.

NEWSLETTER #638 - Patterns with Punch

Leeds — In this week’s newsletter we bring you more pattern and print talent to keep your eyes on. Charlotte Raffo founder of The Monkey Puzzle Tree, recently launched her business and has a collaborative collection of very different designs from carefully selected talent. Subscribers can indulge themselves in the stories and visual diversity here within.

Luna Sleep-Aid Diffuser by Qing Zeng

NEWSLETTER #639 - Highlights from CSM '19

London — From Milan and Florence to London, this week has been about scouting new talent at global graduation shows. This newsletter highlights a few of our picks from Central Saint Martins. This selection is a reflection of societal shifts, consumer and production trends, as well as sustainability and well-being. Subscribers can get a closer look here.