July 2019 / A Plethora of Unique Inspiration

Located throughout the world, the Trendease Team continues to deliver our subscribers around the globe must-know market information and inspiration straight to their computer screens.

Fabrics, furnishings, ceramics, lighting, and oodles of product categories in between come to life in this issue of Trendease. Denim gets reinvented, feathers transcend their former uses, plates dish out the patterns, surface design and material innovation pave the way to the future, metal and metallic threads take textiles to the next level, happy hour comes home, and lighting makes birds want to sing. Get inspired with the July edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

The Four Horsemen

Jennifer's July Jargon - Jeans Decor

Paris — You’ll learn later in this issue about the return of denim as a material for interior decoration. Here you will see examples of high-end hand-crafted denim textiles using a “secret formula” in an Italian enclave near Venice. The combinations of techniques are inspiring. “Where human hands skillfully come into play, imperfections stop being flaws.”

Don’t Be Sad, Be Blue

Multiple European Cities — Indigo has been in the spotlight for quite a few seasons, so it is only natural for the denim look to get a revamp and make it back to the design scene. Responsible design and sustainability take center stage with this look that is popping up all over the home: wallcoverings, rugs, bedding, upholstery, new material innovations, and more complete this style.

Not Part of the Flock

Worldwide — Birds of a feather do not flock together here. During our recent travels the Trendease Team has come across numerous artists and designers creating striking pieces with feathers. From home textiles to fashion to art, all of them featured here are individualistic and full of inspiration. There’s even an educational story about sustainability regarding a new market opportunity for feathers!

Portmeirion Atrium

Plates of Plenty

Worldwide — Gluttonous for design? Then these new market entrants are for you! Dishing up the latest patterns and motifs, these ceramics will fill your eyes and your bellies. A far cry from the plain and organic designs that have dominated the market, these designs are so over the top, people may prefer to use them as art on the wall, rather than the table. Bye, bye Plain Jane.

Marbled slate from Tomasz Maker

The Future of Surfaces & Home Products

London — The inaugural New Talent area at the Surface Design Show in London was curated by Trendease International and featured exhibitors in the industry five years or less, some showcased decorative panels, bio-materials, plastic waste tiles, marbled slate, flexible plaster, and laser cut biophilic surfaces, to name a few. See all of them here, and learn about what is to come (sneak peek time shhh…).

'Golden Ladies' - synthetic horse hair, silver & copper

Delicate Shiny Threads

Multiple European Cities — Lurex, copper, silver, and golden threads weave together this article of textile experimentation. Large-scale tapestries, space and architecture, plus golden digital embroidery push the boundaries of what textile design is today. Creatives we scouted from France, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom showcase their talents here.

It's 5 O'clock Somewhere

Multiple European Cities — Perhaps for economic reasons, the cocktail hour at home is making its return. Shaking or stirring up a round at home is far more cost-effective than purchasing one from a Tom Cruise wannabe at the coolest bar of the moment, plus it’s infinitely more intimate. During the Trendease travels, we have noticed a plethora of cocktail carts and furnishings making a comeback with a new sense of style.

I Know Why the Caged Light Glows

Worldwide — In Maya Angelou's renowned poem “Caged Bird”, the bird signifies freedom or a yearning to be free, while the cage represents imprisonment or oppression; the act of the bird singing symbolizes the author's ability to grow and flourish in spite of her challenges. Luckily the design direction of caged lighting is more lighthearted.

NEWSLETTER #640 - A Golden Accent

Multiple European Cities — We have been enjoying our attendance to many graduate shows to scout emerging talent about to enter the professional scene. In this newsletter gallery subscribers will explore how various golden accents are presented themselves across different materials and design styles. Subscribers take a gander within.

NEWSLETTER #641 - Coffee Reimagined

Worldwide — Coffee is something many people cannot live without, but what happens after you have your cup of joe? Have you ever considered how much waste is produced to provide a caffeine kick? We’ve come across some unique projects before, and now we have a couple more for you to feast your eyes upon, to satisfy your taste buds, and add to your interior