September 2019 / The Philosophies of a Futurist

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The art of conjecture and the science of research join forces in this month’s features. Visions of the future of design are laid out in a more comprehensive manner than the fog surrounding a crystal ball. The future of work plays into designing spaces and products. Bio-materials bridge the past and the imminent periods ahead. Culture, nature, technology, and creativity come together to bring about fresh aesthetic directions. Get inspired with the September edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's September Scribbles

Canterbury — Our habits and lifestyles are changing and influencing the way interiors are designed; just look at the feature on the transformation of the workspace. Algae is on its way to becoming a new super material. We see how shapes, colors, textures, and Mother Nature pave way to new looks, while an influence from diverse cultures adds value to home products sold on the other side of the world.

From ‘Designing the Future of Work’

The Future of Work Spaces

Worldwide — Today’s new way of working is piquing the interest of trade shows like Maison&Objet and Paperworld, both of which have just published white papers and books on the new multi-purpose way in which today’s work spaces are used and how they play into our lifestyles. Here we have extracted some tidbits and are also curious to see how Maison&Objet stages its WORK! features in the show later this month.


Comfy Cushions

Worldwide — Whether directly on the floor, placed on a raised surface, or a frame, giant comfy cushions are on the rise like dough proofing before being baked. From luxurious Italian brands influenced by nature, German designs with inspiration from Iran and India, to a small family producing in Columbia, these designs made from wool, silk, velvet, and cotton blends.

Incredible Algae, Minds & Opportunities

Milan — In Milan, at La Triennale di Milano, we came across the impressive collaborative exhibition and workspace of creatives from France, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey, and Egypt that look at material innovation and a circular economy around the miraculous material we know as algae. Decorative accessories and textiles take on a whole new light with this research.


Earthen Inspirations

Worldwide — Crackled earth, sandy swirls, mica infused textures, stratified layers, fragmented deposits, weathered stone, marble veins, peeling bark, bumpy slate are just a few visual descriptions of the wallcoverings, textiles, surface design, upholstery and ceramics found within this gallery.

Iridescent Oil Slicks & Geodes

Multiple European Cities — Why choose one color when you can have them all? That is the glory of iridescence. Merriam Webster defines iridescence as “a lustrous rainbowlike play of color caused by differential refraction of light waves (as from an oil slick, soap bubble, or fish scales) that tends to change as the angle of view changes.” Such color effects are seen on flatware, earthenware, stemware, and even technical textiles

Technical Rainbows

Worldwide — Here we look at how technical textiles are using retro reflection to create fabrics, trim, and fashion accessories containing the full spectrum of the rainbow. We observe these technologies being employed more frequently in sportswear fashions, backpacks as well as handbags, safety gear; why not extend this to window treatments, wallcoverings, outdoor furnishings accessories, and even architecture?

Phi by Cairn Young, Manhattan and Snow

The Shape of Things to Come

Worldwide — Color, pattern, and texture are some elements of design, but what about shape? This article takes you on a journey of the shape of things to come, from new, limited-edition launches of established brands to designs from startups looking for manufacturers. Swirling faces, 3D effects, space saving, layers, unique material marriages, take it to go, and cultural hybridity are all bases for the designs seen here.


NEWSLETTER #644 - Heimtextil Trend Preview

Frankfurt — The fall trades show season is in full swing! While we run around Paris, Brussels, and London, we also bring you a very special sneak peek of what you will find at Heimtextil in January for the trend vignettes. “As an overarching theme, Where I Belong addresses layered identities via the five diverse Heimtextil 20/21 trends…”


NEWSLETTER #645 - M&O Trend Review

Paris — For this newsletter we present 60+ images from the Maison&Objet trend/inspiration zone Work! by Chantal Hamaide. Subscribers are welcome to feel like you are at the exhibition by entering into this gallery while reading up on the latest trend tidbits covering contemporary workspaces.