October 2019 / Trend Previews and Reviews

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At a time when many things are beginning to be dematerialized, people are longing for something comforting. With the Information Age, so many items are shifting to not having a physical presence. These changes are resulting in design trends that create a feeling of reassurance and familiarity. In this issue of Trendease find over one dozen lifestyle movements and design directions to help you prepare for the fluctuating landscape of the future. Get inspired with the October edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Yanling Jianye The Mist Hot Spring Resort, Henan, China

Jennifer's October Observations (and Ambiente Trends)

Frankfurt — We have already published trend reviews of recent exhibitions and trend previews of what is to come for the winter trade show season, which will kick off the New Year. We continue this with the content presented in this month’s edition. Subscribers can enjoy hundreds of images reviewing these directions, as well as preview the trends to be staged at Ambiente in February 2020.

WHAT'S NEW? Share (The maximalism side)

Share to the Max

Paris — The sharing economy is in full effect. For centuries one of the most common places to gather and share was during meal times. Now is no exception. Here learn about the latest trends in dining, on the more elaborate side, where mix-and-match is hot and theatrical is the name of the game. The most boisterous dinner parties happen around these tables!

WHAT'S NEW? Share (The minimalism side)

All Hail Minimalism, or Not...

Paris — Yin and yang, the opposite, but complementary, two halves that create a whole, as well as a starting point for change. In this gallery see the second part of what was outlined in ‘Share to the Max’, but here the experience is more subdued and refined. All hail the rebirth of dressing the table, whether it be pared down styles or over-the-top fancifulness!

Simply Together

The Buzz Around Caring for Oneself

Paris — “Wellness” is a buzzword we hear often these days. How does wellness translate into lifestyles and home fashion? In this gallery we can see how simplicity and functionality take center stage. Nothing unnecessary exists. The color palette is muted and the space is minimal, reconnecting us to that theme of sharing.


Bohemian Voyage Through Mediterranean Craft

Paris — Take a bohemian voyage to the Mediterranean where the crafts are a plenty and the colors are sun-drenched. Craftsmanship is in the spotlight, despite its modest appearance. Rusticity is charming. Natural materials reign. Not so basic that it is lacking luxury, this trend has the balance just right when it comes to aesthetics and functionality.


Preserved Nature

Paris — Nature is always supreme. The farm and cabin lifestyles bring an element of design to them in this room setting where the bed, bath, lounge, and study areas are in an open space. Blackened wood and Scottish plaids, as well as a trompe l'oeil “window” into the woods add depth to this interior. Antler coat racks, forest animals gracing paper goods, and a fox-shaped pillow bring the wild indoors.


A Calm and Sophisticated Urban Oasis

Paris — The urban jungle need not be stressful when your home retreat is peaceful and calm. The well-being theme in this city dwelling is graphic and simultaneously relaxing. The bathroom is modern with some historical references while the bedroom mixes pattern with blocks of color. Wake up refreshed for that rat race of a morning commute.

Modern Living

The Art of Living in Three Trends

Paris — What are the latest trends in living? Find out three design directions here, from Mondrian-inspired designs to living in your own private art gallery, or even plunging into the world of Japanese spirituality. Bold, primary colors with black and white, or do you prefer dusty pinks and natural woods? Take a journey through the three styles within this feature.

These White Walls

NEWSLETTER #646 - Travel Through Decorex

London — This week’s trade show adventure took place at Decorex, which no longer takes place during LDF. It was a similar mix of exhibitors, but the space gave the show a very different feel—until you experience the ‘Design Encounter’ display where a series of interconnecting spaces provided an immersive and personalized journey.

Constanza Sperakis illustrating inside children’s rocket, Moving to Mars exhibition

NEWSLETTER #647 - Moving to Mars

London — This week the Design Museum opened its ‘Moving to Mars’ exhibition, which explores how sending humans to Mars is not just a new frontier for science but also for design, and it is available to visit through February 2020. The exhibition also questions whether we should be designing for Mars at all.