February 2020 / Oh Natural

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Digital and non-digital natives are emphatically returning to a natural state. Both “oh” and “au” natural fit the bill here, returning to a pristine, unadulterated, aesthetic. Being in harmony with our environment, being aware of our ecological impact, keeping it local, and nourishing our emotions make us feel alive. This is reflected in the design directions that we witnessed at Heimtextil, imm cologne, and Maison&Objet in January. See it all inside. Get inspired with the February edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Jennifer's February Fables

Frankfurt — We hope that the new decade has been treating you well thus far. The Trendease Team has been accumulating its airmiles this past month trekking out to a slew of international design events. As promised, we follow up on the previously published previews of Maison&Objet, imm cologne, and Heimtextil.

The "Manual" theme

Care: Ritualist

Paris — The care in "RITUALIST" describes three imaginative themes that resound today’s fashions: Manual, Contemplative, and Expressionist. Each of these themes features the products that are elements of bathing, grooming, relaxation, waking, and sleep preparation routines. This is a domain of top-notch products that pamper you by fusing artisanal practices with technological research.

Mother Earth: Stone Age

Paris — Stone Age transports us into a primeval universe at the world's inception, where earth embraces fire and the power of the elements unleashed forges shapes and materials. This mythology of our early origins nourishes a radical, primitive, “brutalist" aesthetic universe, echoed in a lifestyle in search of authenticity and the pure, raw energy of when it all began.

Mother Earth: Sea Shore

Paris — Sea Shore draws a desire for escape, contemplation, and tranquility from the vastness of the ocean, somewhere between the coastlines and the deepest profundities, and between the mineral and the botanical, poetically united through water, salt, and the briny air. This horizon of water and sky powerfully feeds our collective imagination.

Mother Earth: Forest Fever

Paris — In this trend direction around [Re]Generation, Elizabeth Leriche takes us on a journey. “Forest Fever helps us reconnect to nature and highlights our intimate, primordial, powerful ties to the botanical world in its immense diversity, its ever-surprising intelligence, and its fragility, too. This desire, this fundamental need for "nature" reflect an essential quest.”

Alive: Organic Life

Paris — The ‘What's New?’ living space titled “Alive!” was designed as an ecosystem offering an exploration of all that's new at Maison&Objet, seen through the major classifications of living beings. This space seeks to forge a subliminal connection between all the changes happening in the world today and the season's current styles.

Alive: Mineral Memories

Paris — It's the most extended and surprising of all periods in our contemporary look at living things. This is one of our primal sources and constitutes our oldest record of life, through sedimentation, deterioration, and erosion, echoed in contemporary creative design: outsider art and massive shapes, and cracks and concretions are so many silent expressions of the mineral kingdom.

Alive: Vegetal Symbiosis

Paris — Lately, we've been experiencing a real revolution in knowledge that designates the botanical world as one of the most sophisticated organizing systems in the world of living things, due to its sensory and communicative capabilities, its memory, and harmony with its surroundings. These fresh perspectives are fueling creative research.