March 2020 / Worlds of Inspiration

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Shifts in the world influence consumer behavior and the products around us. There is a mounting global sense of responsibility, which encourages retailers and manufacturers to address contemporary issues and have the courage to try new methods. Well-being, sensory appeal, flexibility, craftsmanship and digital technology, mixing old and new, traditional and modern, balance out in the forecasts. Six diverse Pantone color stories round off these directions. Get inspired with the March edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's March Marvels

Frankfurt — The in-depth investigation of materials and techniques leads to an abundance of inspiration. The Creativeworld 2020/21 trends, predicting the upcoming styles in the fields of hobbies, arts and crafts, graphic artists’ and artists’ requisites, handiwork, textile design, street art and graffiti, are envisioned here. Three directions demonstrate what is expected to trend in the DIY markets.

Where Old is New

Frankfurt — Creating new things. Free, experimental and original! A deliberately imperfect, raw aesthetic reflects a totally contemporary concept that focuses on the creative development process. Archetypal forms, restless surfaces, signs of use and shabby chic combine with the colors of natural materials to give a handcrafted look.

Dynamic, Individual Creations

Frankfurt — The use of multi-colors and multi-techniques lend existing products a new character - and are the central design element in this expressive DIY trend. Sustainability is a major motivation as we try to throw away less and reuse more. Another motivation is the desire to move away from prefabricated patterns and methods.

Ambiente: Diverse, Architectural, and Softened

Frankfurt — The Ambiente 2020 trends, predicting the future developments in the consumer goods markets, are staged by the bora.herke.palmisano style bureau. Three directions, Artistical + Diverse, Precise + Architectural, and Shaped + Softened pave the way to future seasons and buying habits and each is accompanied by Pantone color references, material inspirations, and buzzwords.

Controlled Coincidences

Frankfurt — This style turns the living room into a personal collage. With its artistic character it stimulates with unusual colors in combinations full of variety. The palette offers a refreshing blend of bright orange, succulent raspberry, milky hues, a strong honey tone and lively sky blue. This unconventional creativity inspires us for the next season.

Appeal to the Eye and the Touch

Frankfurt — Glass, flawless porcelain, and raw ceramics attract both the eye and the touch. Textiles are natural and appropriate for routine use, often exhibiting a lively and uneven fabric appearance. Exhibited to exceptionally fine effect are the lustrous fibers and folds, light-colored woods and wallpapers with tone-on-tone hues.

The Need for Reliability and Security

Frankfurt — Three directions, Blazing Hotchpotch, Smooth Sorbet, and Noble Barrique lead the market and inspire fresh ideas for the coming years. The Paperworld 2020/21 trends, forecasting the forthcoming directions of stationery, office supplies and writing instruments, are envisioned by the bora.herke.palmisano style bureau and each have a Pantone color story.

Just What We're Looking For

Frankfurt — Technology and lifestyle combine in these innovative designs with their pleasantly understated, cozy aesthetic. This is how technology enters our everyday existence: ergonomically, functionally, sensually and almost invisibly. This is an approach to design where we follow our longing for greater peace and relaxation.

A Confused Mixture That Works

Frankfurt — Our living space and the personal items in our life and work become part of our own identity. The very individual character of this style is created through a collage blending old and new, traditional and timely, high and low art, old favorites and found objects. It's a striking mix of styles, colors and possibilities.

NEWSLETTER #651 - Happy News

Multiple European Cities — In this newsletter we hope to give you a little break from the madness and bring some fun and happiness to light. At trade shows like the London Design Fair and Heimtextil we came across some companies creating an element of fun with their products, and we could all use a little joy now. Subscribers are welcome to play along here.