April 2020 / Cherish Every Moment

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This month we bring you forecasts of festivity. There are six Pantone color stories matching up with themes of the new holiday spirit that can also work with regular product lines when the obvious Christmas details are removed. In these uncertain times where isolation is an everyday word, family, friends, and community are more important than ever. Even prior to the outbreak of the Coronavirus the main theme of the Christmasworld trends 2020/21 was ‘Family Matters’ and now, given the circumstances, its meaning has strengthened. Get inspired with the April edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer April Antics

Cologne — Life as we know it has changed. Many of us are working from home; an abundance of us are also on lockdown. Trade shows and design events have been canceled or postponed. It does not feel like an inspiring time. Do not let this discourage you. It is in trying times like these where innovation and creativity flourish. So we continue on with our mission: reporting to inspire.

Green Ritual Part 1

Frankfurt — Connections, belonging, and togetherness. Family, friends and community spirit. That's what it's all about. Just as we are reassessing our current consumer-oriented lifestyles, so a new sense of community and responsibility is emerging. This is evident in the way we organize our celebrations: as festive gatherings where we prioritize wellbeing. This is evident in Green Ritual.

Green Ritual Part 2

Frankfurt — Green Ritual is a way to experience the calm color character of natural vegetation in two distinct varieties. In one, soft, light tones dominate. The other variety is home to a dark, mysterious, vegetative atmosphere. This emerges in natural shades of deep red foliage and dark hints from the falling autumn leaves.

Silken Party Part 1

Frankfurt — Silken Party is a sensory style world comprising two balanced compositions. The tender pastel color palette unites soft creamy hues with fresh fun sorbet shades. Sensual decorations make for unforgettable even utterly unique moments. They are luxurious, seductive and graceful. The designs for this elegant and contemporary style world derive from soft, organic and nebulous shapes.

Silken Party Part 2

Frankfurt — The second-string Silken Party colors are elegant and radiate a delicate, warm and tender mood, which adds to the subtle refinement of the overall experience. The materials and finishes are feminine and refined. Draped modern materials, volume soft edges and flowing materials create cozy spaces.

Happy Get-Together Part 1

Frankfurt — More time for family and friends. More community spirit. This urban-inspired style explores our quest for a generally mindful lifestyle and a new sense of ‘us’. It's about bringing people together and making places more livable, especially big cities. It's about joining forces, sharing, and breaking down conventional boundaries between yours/mine, private/public and city/country.

Happy Get-Together Part 2

Frankfurt — Everything has value. The idea of goods with a second life runs right through this trend. Designers are creating stimulating concepts from waste - with new shapes, surfaces and materials such as PET or paper. Add in matte, recycled colors like bottle green; composite processes can create blends, sprinkles and mixtures.

A Dark Ocean for Christmas Inspiration

Frankfurt — This year, 2dezign collaborated with Messe Frankfurt to deliver a show-within-a-show to demonstrate an overarching design theme that could be applicable to many aspects of design from retail to interior decoration. Here they outline the theme, its sources of inspiration, color, and textures.