May 2020 / Awaiting a Renaissance

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After giving people the opportunity, we are very touched that subscribers to our premium content voted not to pause subscriptions, stating that, now more than ever, you need us. Next month marks 17 years of Trendease International and we thank you all for your continued business. At Trendease we prefer to view this time as a new challenge and an opportunity to reimagine the way we (as an industry) design and think. We are resilient, can take this time to pause and reflect, to reevaluate. What is our role? There will be no return to “normal”. It is time to dream about a better world and design it. Get inspired with the May edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Zodiac collection, glow in the dark stars

Jennifer's May Marvels

Multiple European Cities — In this edition of Trendease we aim to stimulate the revival that is surely going to follow the lockdown, and to support your great responsibility of being one of the driving creative forces of the new age. Yes, we may be entering an age of frugality, but that does not equate to bad design or cutting corners. It is time to be clever and disruptive.

Heimtextil 2021/22 Trends & Digital Innovation

Frankfurt — Globally, trade shows are having to reinvent the way they do business and balance an existence between virtual and physical. In order to avoid obsoletion, such events need to stay ahead of the game and support special features such as the Trend Space at Heimtextil and offset the tangible experience with digital innovation.

Bold Color & A Manifesto of Hope

Cape Town — On Good Friday this year, April 10th, 2020, Lidewij Edelkoort, probably one of the most influential trend forecasters of this era, published a manifesto that is meant to stir a feeling of hope within us. A hope for a brighter future accompanied by a gallery of images boasting vibrant and bold colors on the latest products and materials of the design world is what we bring to you here, sticking to our motto of “reporting to inspire.”

Escapism: A Trip Out of This World

Milan — Merriam-Webster defines escapism as the “habitual diversion of the mind to purely imaginative activity or entertainment as an escape from reality or routine.” The truth that the only certainty we know now, is that life as we know it will never be as it was pre-covid19. In this feature, experience a designer’s creation of another world filled with color.

The Room of Change - Art from Data

Milan — In these times there is a persistent search for meaning, what is the significance of it all? What if our designs were more than patterns or random motifs, what if they had a deep underlying meaning? In this feature, a wallcovering becomes much more than a paper created to make a room more aesthetically pleasing, it tells a story. What do your designs say?

Sketches of Spain

Multiple European Cities — Sketches of Spain is an album by Miles Davis. Music reviewers questioned if it was even jazz. Once again, Davis was striking out in a totally new direction. An entirely new direction is what is needed now on many fronts. The curated selection of product images here may have viewers question, “Is this even art?” The surface design seen within is beautiful in its raw form.

Sayonara Plain Jane

Multiple European Cities — Surface design, patterns, which are simple in appearance, an object, which is basic, not ornamental, these designs need not apply here. This aesthetic movement is all about being bold and daring. Excess patterns used in a sophisticated, yet over-the-top manner, that is the essence of what you see in this interior product selection.

Out of Power

Milan — At Trendease we appreciate art that makes us think. Contemporary art ought to be a reflection of the times. Energy wastage is one such issue. It is also something to be conscious of in our industries, which have come under fire for such negligence. Will art make us contemplate the alternatives?

NEWSLETTER #652 - Bio-based Textiles & More

Worldwide — Nature and eco design have been key concerns for hundreds of years: it is more than just a fad. In this newsletter we see methodology handed down from 28 generations to fresh ideas just beginning to make their journey to market. Bio-based designs are here to stay.