August 2020 / Fuel the Future

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This issue of Trendease boasts viewpoints of Spring/Summer 2021 as well as Autumn/Winter 2021-2022. Pantone color palettes inspire. Twelve exhibitions that trade in fashion and lifestyle markets reveal their trend visions for the next seasons and nine designers give us a peek of what is to be unveiled next month during the London Design Festival. This year has caused a solid amount of introspection, which will influence the future of our industry and consumption patterns. Art, textiles, and furnishings are just a few of the items that fuel the future here within. Get inspired with the August edition!

We (usually) attend over 100 design events a year on your behalf to bring you trend insights and design movements to help you maintain cutting-edge knowledge of the lifestyle and design markets. Currently we keep readers within 173 countries/territories in the know! Are you reading

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles


Jennifer's August Amusings

London — In this edition of Trendease you will find outlooks towards Spring/Summer 2021 as well as Autumn/Winter 2021-2022. Twelve exhibitions that trade in fashion and lifestyle markets share their insights for the next seasons, some research extends far beyond the topic of fashion. Aside from how it may impact your business, you may also find yourself contemplating something more personal.

Getting Together

Paris — At Trendease one of the things we have been doing is carefully monitoring the activities and intentions of influencers and traditional physical design events in order to have a well-rounded perspective of what the future may look like. It is an intriguing exercise. Some are pessimists and others are optimists, and a few are pendulums swinging between the two.

A Tactile Rally Against Uniformity

Paris — Yarns and knitwear collections for Spring/Summer 2021 are anything but bland, plain surfaces. Homogeneity is out, texture and surface interest are in. Formally known as Expofil, Première Vision Yarns will open its doors in September, but no need to wait until then to see these hot loops. Nine companies here show us what they have got, and it is a tactile rally against uniformity.

Egology: The Science of the Self

Paris — The science of the self as it relates to our world and environment is a curious trend theme for the Autumn/Winter 2021-22 season. A large cluster of related trade shows will not be held physically in September; however, this trend research is meant to help buyers to structure their offering as well as act as an inspiration paving way to the future.

Egoty: The Land of Illusory Liberties

Paris — In this A/W 2021-22 trend discover themes like Reinforced Draft, Eroded Authenticity, Paradoxical Refinement, Cellular Folding, Dull Harmony, Revealing Darkness, Marble-like Filter, and Chiaroscuro alongside a Pantone color story including colors such as Heart of Ebony, Mineral Mold, Precious Sediment, Salt Stone, Dermal Powder, Protective Brass, Diaphanous Extension, and others.

Egolution: Fruitful Meaning

Paris — Four of the color stories presented here using the theme’s Pantone color palette for A/W 2021-22 include Acid Infusion, Passionate Budding, Winter Spring, and Sparkling Filter. Some of the fruity and acidic hues that bring the report together paint a picture with their names alone: Bright Pulp, Floating Zest, Synthetic Chlorophyll, Bitter Green, among others.

Egocide: Ironic Abyss

Paris — Chromatic is a keyword here. In this 21/22 Pantone color palette there are dominant wavelengths. Shades of cobalt transition with some added red to come out in a field of emerald. Blue Flash and Royal Water lead to Nocturnal Melody with Spectral Neon and Squeaky Fusion moving towards Gamma Ray and Genesis of Life, finally coming down to Petrified Oxalis with Digital Emerald.

Egorama: The Future is Serendipity

Paris — In Autumn/Winter 21-22 you can be young at heart with this theme where it is encouraged to let loose. This Pantone palette has creative color names to embrace the idea: Holistic Signal, Benevolent Neutrality, Celestial Fullness, Playful Canopy, Wild Grass, Original Pollen, Reassuring Glow, just to name a few.

NEWSLETTER #655 - Kombucha & Algae

London — We have hope for the future of materials. It is inspiring to see how the next generation of our industry is approaching sustainability, sourcing locally, waste usage, and material innovation. Two materials that are reoccurring in our research are bioplastics and bioleathers; see oodles of samples of these new materials here.