September 2020 / Heimtextil Trends Unveiled

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On September 1st Heimtextil revealed to us the 2021/2022 trends under the theme of “Nothing New, Everything New”, a preview of which Trendease is delighted to share with you. Let crisis be a driver of innovation, let novel materials inspire more responsible creations, let sustainability help you to rethink colors, and let Trendease deliver to you this research from around the world. In addition to the four trends, we also preview the Future Materials Library, take a look at some intriguing materials used for tabletop and home accessories, as well as an aesthetic movement in lighting. Get inspired with the September edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's September Scribbles

London — There will be a lot to experience at Heimtextil 2021. It is time to move from linear production to circular manufacturing. In Hall 3.0, the Future Materials Library will look at regenerative crops such as hemp, remade fibers from old clothing, harvesting waste streams such as unusable parts of the pineapple plant, and sustainable color like dyes made from discarded food. Have a peek here.

Heimtextil Trends 2021/2022: Repurpose

Frankfurt — Repurpose is not a passing trend. Rather, it is a way of changing the product development narrative within the textiles industry, shifting from creating original textiles to curating existing textiles to form new visual expressions. Unlike the traditional design process which starts with an idea, Repurpose starts with considering what can be made from existing fabrics.

Heimtextil Trends 2021/2022: Rewild

Frankfurt — From authentic to genuine, Rewild means rediscovering nature’s resources and applying these in a modern context, delivering on sustainable or even regenerative solutions. The visual and textile expressions of the Rewild trend focus on directions like nature’s lab, Indigenous, wild, and basic living.

Heimtextil Trends 2021/2022: Reinforce

Frankfurt — Reinforce has a simple and bold Scandinavian mood with a resilient, honest, and minimalistic look. From short-lived to longevity, Reinforce is about visual and compositional longevity within textiles and materials. It draws inspiration from how Scandinavian design merges design durability with pared back functionality.

Heimtextil Trends 2021/2022: Revive

Frankfurt — Reflecting youthful activism within our present perspective, attitude, and behavior toward our world of “stuff”, Revive is an exploration of creativity. With a focus on achieving greater emotional satisfaction through the process of creating rather than on the result, no rules apply to the mending, processing, learning, and experimenting in Revive.


Unique Materials Unique Vessels

Worldwide — What do vegetable charcoal, food waste, urushi lacquer, biodegradable hemp fibers, sand, flour, and water have in common? They are all ingredients within the wave of material innovation that is splashing across industries. In this gallery see some tabletop designs that will leave you full of awe when you understand the stories behind the products.

Exposed & Having a Ball

Worldwide — Trends in lighting dictate that the lampshade is out and exposed bulbs are in. Inspiration is vast, from jellyfish to traffic lights to antique bulbs. Wood and metal are materials of choice. Edison bulbs in many shapes and sizes complement the fixtures where opaque white globes haven’t already marked their territory. Spanning from Europe to North America to Asia, these designs have worldwide appeal.

Caring Women Design for the Future

London — Designing in response to the theme of ‘Care’ this all-female group will delve into empathy training, microbial diversity in the built environment, mental health in Black British communities, and a new collection using prestigious hand-woven cloth inspired by the stories of West African women living in the United Kingdom. Get a glimpse here and see the exhibition in March 2021 at the Design Museum, London.