December 2020 / Repurposed for the New & Now

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The connecting theme that runs through this month’s features is all about repurposing. ‘Repurpose’ is a verb meaning “adapt for use in a different purpose”. From repurposed building materials to repurposed textiles, this issue is chock full of new ideas to spruce up any interiors from hospitality to home. We see numerous opportunities ripe for the picking such as designing for the “new normal” and self-driving cars that unexpectedly open up a world of possibility: mobile rooms like an office, living room, café, study, or even bedroom, need to be envisioned and realized. Get inspired with the December edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's December Diary

Frankfurt — Trade shows are not dead and plan to return in 2021, albeit during different dates and some with adapted platforms. The International Consumer Goods Show in Frankfurt is a unique combination of the product groups of the Ambiente, Christmasworld and Paperworld trade fairs in the extraordinary situation of the worldwide pandemic.

The New Room to Design

Seoul — Markets have changed in ways we never imagined. Where do opportunities lie? Here. If you look to the not-so-distant future there will be a new “room” for which clever designers and manufacturers will be needed. Self-driving cars rapidly serve up a world of possibility: portable rooms such as an office, living room, café, study, or even bedroom need to be visualized and produced. See inspiring options within.

A Call to Outdoor Interiors

New York — In the midst of all of this chaos you will find new opportunities if you keep your eyes open. Outdoor ‘interiors’ have become a mainstay in this age of the Covid-19 pandemic. Looking around at the aesthetic status quo, there is much room for improvement. Understandably ease of cleaning for hygienic turnover is of utmost importance, but that does not mean that furnishings need to be drab.

Locked and Loaded

London — This recently opened home-meets-hotel format offers one night to three-month stays, home to a destination restaurant, co-working areas, bar, and workout studio. The interior architecture and decoration are in tune with current lifestyle and design trends. Biophilia, craftsmanship, and repurposed materials play a large part in the visual look throughout.

Hype in Type

Multiple European Cities — Take transparency, traceability, sustainability, reclamation, regeneration, organic materials, recycled fabrics, considerate resource consumption, with a little technology thrown in, and you have a recipe that is becoming a staple in fashion and design manufacturing. Seen here, you will find a common ethos in the products, and a shared aesthetic that celebrates text.

Blurred Lines in Design

Worldwide — What textile designs can you expect for Autumn/Winter 2021-2022? These companies in France, Germany, Portugal, and Turkey show off their timeliness with the fabrics seen here. Hard edges and crisp lines are a far cry from these patterns, which are softer and more fluid in their appearance. The recycled theme falls in line with a key topic this month.

Emerging Semi-Synthetic Design

London — The term “semi-synthetic” is an interesting one, if not perplexing. During our adventures trekking through the smaller-than-usual London Design Festival this September, we came across a project in the Brompton Design District that caught our attention. We found ourselves asking, “what is it?” and then met the designer, who had all of the answers.

Biophilic Interventions

London — We could all use a bit of calm in the chaos that is life. We know that plants are great for cleaning the air and it has been proven that having a plant within sight, whether it is living or an image, has a relaxing effect on us. So house plants, gardens, and parks are wonderful for our well-being. Now you can find tiny parks where you would least expect them…