January 2021 / A New Blank Slate

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In this month’s edition you have the ability to look ahead to a future that is bright. So many of us prefer to look at the new year as a blank slate rather than a continuation of the events of 2020. Colorways boast hope, happiness and fortitude, dependability, resilience, and a feeling of balance. Designers transcend the challenges they face and innovate to make a better world. Interiors, furnishings, and motifs create comfort and optimism. Influencers return from the past to boost us forward. A roster of new exhibitions due to open offers us promise. Get inspired with the January edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director
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Features and Articles


Jennifer's January Jots

Paris — What will this new year hold for us? We can only hope and pray that it is an improvement on what 2020 dished out to the world. The amount of optimism presented in the design world is hopeful. Numerous prospects for advancement, and a great deal of designers and companies, have taken this as a chance to spearhead innovation.

Environmental Material Inspiration

Barcelona — Today’s material technologies blow our minds. Imagine taking the carbon-neutralizing abilities of a tree, throw in the capabilities of reducing other greenhouse gases and volatile organic compounds from the environment, and being able to apply this to your furniture, fashion, and architecture. Smart materials technology enables us to take products to the next level.

Transcending Categories

New York — We live in unprecedented times where an extra dose of inspiration can go a long way, which is why we appreciate designers who break boundaries and push their talent into new realms of possibility. Who says a textile designer cannot also design huge, free-standing sculptures, or furniture, or fashion, or accessories, or shop interiors and home interiors, even pop-ups for Google…

Decorative Companionship

Worldwide — Animals are something we can all relate to. Whether in the wilderness or domesticated, these furry or feathered friends bring comfort and happiness into our lives. During the pandemic there has been an increased number of pets purchased for companionship. Not everyone’s home is allowed pets; home decoration can play a role here.

Timeless Colors

Bravery with Color in 2021

Worldwide — DIY and home improvements have skyrocketing during lockdowns around the world. People spending more time at home finally embark on the home improvements that have been meaning to do for years. Color can mean a huge change for any interior. This is what consumers are learning about. With education like this, they can make better informed decisions and opt to be more daring than they might otherwise be.

Color of the Year 2021

Worldwide — On December 10, 2020 the Pantone Color Institute unveiled its Color of the Year 2021, which happens to be two colors rather than one. As usual, this announcement has design companies around the world rummaging through their product assortment to show off that they have this choice on offer, or they quickly develop it into the product mix.

Waste Age

Past & Future Design Influencers

London — The Design Museum in London is a major influencer when it comes to the creative scene. Their exhibits boast international designers and attract visitors from around the globe. While the 2021 program had to be tweaked due to the havoc-wreaking pandemic, there is an impressive lineup queued for the museum’s reopening.

Astrid Krogh

Reopening in a Slow Manner

Paris — In case you are feeling a little “blah” about 2021, fear not, there are many plans for new openings and an abundance of inspiration as we leave the year 2020 behind, the year almost feels like it didn’t take place. The reopening of Maison du Danemark in Paris is one such happening to put in your calendars to look forward to in the new year.