February 2021 / Notions of Past and Future

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This month six new color palettes await you, along with trend insights through 2022. Physical exhibitions may not be taking place yet, but that does not mean that the industry stands still. Here you can discover seven fresh directions to keep your creative juices flowing. Innovation, sustainability, and well-being take center stage while we look to the past with nostalgia and the future with hope. We are resilient and optimistic. Now more than ever, functional, aesthetic, and welcoming interiors are paramount. Get inspired with the February edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's February Fables

Frankfurt — We miss traveling and trade shows terribly, and thankfully the main events are still chugging along, despite not having physical exhibitions, and they are sharing their views of future trends, information that so many home-based professionals crave. So, without further ado, we communicate to you the trends presented for Ambiente, Chirstmasworld, and Paperworld, with another insight from the portfolio of Premiere Vision events.

Nature as a Source of Inspiration

Frankfurt — As part of “Together” 2021/2022 this trend theme of Christmasworld and Paperworld nods towards nature as a source of inspiration; it is original, tactile, and unpretentious. The materials remain in their natural state, are roughly hewn, broken, woven, or rudimentarily processed. The color palette emphasizes the restrained mood and the tactile materials.

Young and Poetic

Frankfurt — This poetic, young style opens up an optimistic perspective. Numerous artistic and playful aspects can be discovered in the design, including more down-to-earth interpretations in delicate hues. The cheerful, lively flora are striking. Blossoms, scattered flowers, mille fleur, and vines sprout alongside frills, fine graphic designs, necktie, and checkered patterns.

Unconventional Solutions

Frankfurt — Not a trend, but a necessity. This style world presents attractive alternatives and unconventional solutions that focus on zero waste, a circular economy and up and re-cycling. Here the emphasis shifts to the arrangement of the home office for job and school. The design is handcrafted, creative, cheerful, colorful, and uncomplicated.

Emotional: Love of Home

Frankfurt — “love of home” focuses on the place where we not only enjoy a good night’s sleep. It’s also where we may work on project costings in our home office, practice yoga with our online teacher, share dinner with the whole family. The interior experience is rounded off by our favorite room fragrance, which, with its selected essences, continually reminds us where we are – at home.

Continual: Related to Nature

Frankfurt — "continual. related to nature" is all about alternative materials that make the home feel close to nature. Coarse fabrics, painterly glazes or deliberately imperfect surfaces give a rugged appearance yet are perfectly crafted. The palette in this living theme ranges from a strong moss tone to earthy browns and greys to vegetative greens.

Renewal: Notion of Redo

Frankfurt — This interior theme is taking big steps towards a future that will lift upcycling and sustainability to a new dimension. Its designers are already taking the lead. With so much stimulating creativity, it’s impossible not to get carried away. Wood and plastic waste, brightly colored glass and textiles are suddenly transformed into exciting collages in new contexts.

Earthbound and Pure

Paris — Another Autumn/Winter 2021-2022 trend is here, which dives deep to the Earth’s core to unearth fresh inspiration for the coming seasons. A sensory experience indeed, tactility comes in many forms and looks, ready to adorn the next great fashions. Surface prints, trims, textiles, and leather all play a part in this earthbound theme.