May 2021 / Advancing Today and Tomorrow

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While international exhibitions have yet to reopen, that does not mean that they are resting on their laurels. They are currently acting as digital platforms to assist their exhibitors in launching new products in the midst of a (hopefully) dwindling pandemic. In this issue of Trendease, subscribers will find six global lifestyle trend directions with over 100 new product introductions, a new talent incubator, and design influencers. Get inspired with the May edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's May Marvels

New York — In this gallery explore new talents as part of an emerging designer residency, which represents the gifts of recent graduates in the fields of ceramics, lighting, biomaterials, surface design, and home textiles. While many recent graduate shows have been canceled or gone the digital route, this offers a physical location to create and for the public to explore. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Pulpo – Pina Product: table

Quality is the New Luxury

Worldwide — Natural luxury is a lifestyle trend for 2021-2022, where traditional craftsmanship, simplicity, premium materials, and soft-edge design come together. This form of luxury renounces mass consumption in favor of sustainable product designs. Learn about over 30 new product launches that fall into this category.

Ambivalenz – Curt Product: upholstered furniture system

Spaces without Boundaries

Worldwide — Living border free where interiors and exteriors have blurred lines, as do the furnishings decorating them. Here the indoors and outdoors, as well as other previously well-defined spaces like the living room and dining room, the office and residential space, and the public and private areas are getting a makeover with 20+ of the latest product launches.

müller - PS 20 Product: bureau / dressing table

Less is More than Meets the Eye

Worldwide — Faced with all the adjustments to the home environment as a consequence of COVID, individuals' requirements of their own homes are expanding. People are looking for innovative furniture and accessories that can be converted, expanded, and hidden to suit their altered needs. Intelligent designs and smart solutions are paramount.

Glatz - Sunwing Casa Product: cantilever sunshade

Interior Montages for 2021-2022

Worldwide — Changing lifestyle is a topic that’s very much in people’s thoughts. The expressions of individual personality are in constant flux. One’s choice in furnishings is not only affected by the latest trends, they are also influenced by the world around us, its adaptations to fluidity, as well as cultural inspirations.

A look at the interior design of the apartment furnished by Sebastian Herkner in 2020 in the One Forty West residential and hotel tower in Frankfurt.

Living with Social Connections

Worldwide — Developing the co-living spaces of tomorrow, designers create Das Apartment HAUS. Das Apartment HAUS will show a total of four apartments and shared spaces in 2022. They will present a series of inspiring examples of designers’ work and branded apartments that reveal what private and public spaces could look like in these new living concepts.

Mues-Tec – Smart Mirror Product: smart mirror

Advances in Connected Living

Worldwide — The idea of a smart home is becoming more widespread and accepted. Private homes are further connected and interconnected using the latest smart technologies and interior design is keeping up. This will be a huge growth market and here are some mind-blowing ideas to explore within this gallery of product innovations and inspirations.

Fabrics of Interest

Paris — Curious about which decorative fabrics and designs have people’s interests piqued for Autumn-Winter 21/22? Here you can read up on five directions gaining momentum in the eyes of the international textile experts. From patterns and prints to dyes, laces, and embroideries, be in the know now.