June 2021 / A Biodegradable Revolution

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A depressing fact was pointed out: everything is biodegradable; it is just a matter of time, but that timeframe can be unacceptable, so do not let marketing fool you. In this edition of Trendease we review a number of projects and product categories aiming to make a positive impact in the field of design; they will certainly be a catalyst to change. We also delve into some intriguing retailers, explore hidden gems, and discover some extraordinary objects. Get inspired with the June edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Peckham Design Trail - Lucie Naujalis

Jennifer's June Journal

London — In this gallery, we aimed to showcase the breadth of talent in the Peckham neighborhood of London. The diversity speaks for itself. Design collectives and art studios showed off work from ceramics to sculpture and furniture to fashion. Something you may not be able to discern in the photos is the incredible sense of community and pride that imbues the designers in Peckham.

Fibermates – Textile Hanger

The Death & Rebirth of Textiles

Worldwide — Repurposing materials that cannot be recycled and creating a new close-looped process, creating a local industry with indigenous plants that are suitable for textile manufacture, re-envisioning waste plastics, and material innovation that leads to leather alternatives that are sustainable and biodegradable are just some of the ‘textile’ inventions you will learn about here.

Jake Rollins – Golf Weave

Sitting on Resource Management

Worldwide — These designs for a multitude of seating options all have one thing in common: their creators are incredibly concerned with resource management and aim to develop new products while keeping the planet in mind. Unique in their approach, from Tanzania to Greece, Italy, France, and beyond, these products are worth your consideration.

Don Yaw Kwaning – Medulla

New Hopes for Packaging

Worldwide — Home delivery has been a blessing during the pandemic, allowing people around the world access to food, supplies, and even furnishings. Unfortunately, it has also resulted in tons and tons of waste. The challenge these designers tackle within is developing packaging designed for multiple lives, single material retail packaging design, which can be wholly recycled or completely degradable.

A New Tribe to Join

London — Retailers have had a rough time the last fourteen months. The creative, and clever ones are weathering the storm. Imagine the timing of outgrowing your beloved space and moving to a new and exciting location to only go into a nationwide lockdown shortly after. The strong will survive. Be inspired by a one-of-a-kind retailer here.

'RE:Animate: Sensory Playground'

Wearable Art & Extraordinary Objects

London — We could all use something extraordinary in our lives. Established in 2020, this London gallery is a contemporary design gallery, showcasing wearable art, contemporary jewelry, and objects for the modern lifestyle. “We are interested in artists and designers who use playful concepts and slightly obscure ways of looking at reality to interpret their surroundings.” Get a glimpse here.

While checking out the One Room Living exhibit, we also went downstairs to review the retail shop floor

Good Design & Practical Necessity

London — In this time of unprecedented change good design plays an integral part in our lives. During our most recent visit to this flagship design shop in London, we went to explore the new exhibition, and of course, wander around the store to meander through the different vignettes and creative merchandising.

Designed by Moe Redish

Funky Features

London — Here is a selection of designer products from recent graduates that adds flare to any assortment. This is about having the best conversation piece for your shop or that dinner party you’ve been planning forever, whether it be over Zoom or face-to-face. Origins, authenticity, and creative processes are common threads throughout.