August 2021 / Re-engage and Re-invent

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Design can be a tool for environmental, economic, and political change. In this edition we see designers challenge the status quo of production and consumption. Natural methods emerge alongside the latest innovations in manufacturing from waste management to biomaterial advances and embedded technologies. A survey of specifiers, brands, and retailers sheds light on the state of the industry. Now is the time to re-engage with our surroundings, and the people around us, to take our hopes for the future and make them reality. It is the moment to re-invent spaces and to manage the new norm. Get inspired with the August edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles


Jennifer's August Amusings

London — During the virtual edition of New Designers last month, ND Educates hosted a number of presentations, one such being “Lockdown Design Trends”. The design directions seen from a year of lockdown living, how this has influenced future designs, and what this means coming out of the pandemic were topics that the expert panel addressed.

Natural Dyes and Microbial Pigments

Multiple British Cities — With consumer society becoming more conscious about how their products are produced, now is an ideal time to shift a focus onto healthy coloring. In this feature we learn about an extensive natural dye database, created from local ordinary plants and weeds. Chemical-free color also encompasses work being done to develop and commercialize bacterial dyes and microbial pigments.

Biomaterials Pave the Way

Multiple European Cities — This exploration investigates the capabilities of experimental biomaterials. There are self-sustained materials that respond to the environment, living thermogenesis organisms that are introduced into shape memory material to create a hybrid material that responds to the environment temperature, and the detoxification of the screen-printing process. Three cheers for advancing biomaterials!

Advancing Smart Textile Systems

Multiple European Cities — The intersection between craft and technology leads to interactive smart textile systems. Here Trendease delves into responsive fabric innovations for lighting, consumer electronics, and fashion. This research investigates the role of physical materials in a digital world and suggests novel ways that smart textile developments integrate into contemporary lifestyles.

Waste for the Bees

Rome — Trendease is always intrigued to hear stories from design businesses making a positive impact on the environment while producing aesthetically pleasing products. It also helps us to be a catalyst for change by sharing with others some techniques that they may not be familiar with yet, allowing them to investigate further. Here we learn about technopolymers, cold cutting, and saving the bees.

By Ruby Bannister

A Convergence of Aesthetics

Worldwide — Architecture, construction, embellishment, as well as the fragility of dried flowers and butterflies are seemingly disconnected as a grouping until you see the products in question. All designs presented here in a variety of materials: paper, wood, textiles, and more, employ a shared technique of using cut outs to convey their aesthetic.

Love handle (left) with It's a wrap! (right) — photographed with metal chair by Milan Tarascas

The Importance of Being Hands-on

London / Hong Kong — Recurring themes found within the works produced during the pandemic include the importance of communication, touch, or lack thereof, as well as reflecting upon one’s identity, culture, and social movements. Here Trendease looks at a collection of embossed papers, carved porcelain tiles, and hand-thrown pots that encapsulate these topics.

We all eagerly await the reopening of major trade shows

Major Market Indicators

Paris — Following a year and a half of nothing but online activities, the real-world version trade fairs is about to make its much-awaited return. But what are the design, decoration, and lifestyle community expecting? To plan for the September edition, Maison&Objet decided to conduct a survey among industry professionals, including brands, buyers and retailers. Learn about it here.