October 2021 / Events Relaunch!

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It is certainly not what it was pre-March 2020, however the trade show circuit is back in action and visitors are delighted despite smaller exhibitor numbers. Design happenings in Milan, Paris, and London were ripe with new designs for the picking, for those who ventured out. Fear not if you stayed close to home, Trendease has the news for you. Design tourist numbers are down and those people in attendance tended to be very serious about doing business (and perhaps catching up with industry friends over an after-work beverage). Get inspired with the October edition!

We (usually) attend over 100 design events a year on your behalf to bring you trend insights and design movements to help you maintain cutting-edge knowledge of the lifestyle and design markets. Currently we keep readers within 173 countries/territories in the know! Are you reading Trendease.com?

Show us what you’ve got! For editorial consideration please email editorial@trendease.com with your latest original designs. Upcoming Trendease Market Edge PowWows and Trendease.TV information can be found on the homepage.

Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's October Observations

London — Everyone knows that Trendease is a fan of supporting new talent. During the London Design Festival in the Shoreditch Triangle, we came across Iona Thomas, the founder and CEO of a local creative agency, and now the founding mother of Styled by Night, a side-project she started to fuel her creativity. See her inaugural collection and solo show here.

Does Globalization Change Chairs?

Milan — As you know, the Trendease Team travels to many countries across the globe and has readers in even more geographic regions. During our recent trip to explore Milan Design Week, we were intrigued to learn about the Cross Cultural Chairs project, an initiative by designer Matteo Guarnaccia, delving into the question, asking if globalization impacts the way we sit.

What's New?

Paris — Two ‘What’s New?’ trends paces at the September edition of Maison&Objet, Share and Leisure, outlined six themes for the coming season. The areas consolidated new products launched by exhibitors into a timely selection made by three trend analysts, Francois Delclaux, Elizabeth Leriche, and Francois Bernard.

Reproducible One-of-a-Kind

Paris — ‘Leaving behind all things second-hand, flea-market, and vintage, this selection of new products for dining, entertaining, and hospitality illustrates our desire for luxurious pieces with a unique, sustainable spirit.’

My House is a Gallery

Paris — ‘Our interiors resonate with this desire to collect things: artisanal ceramics, objects, and textiles invite themselves into our homes, like so many "works of art", one-of-a-kind pieces forming a collection guided by an eclectic spirit and a painterly presentation. Though this home may be an art gallery, it's also a studio in perpetual motion.’

Staying at Home

Paris — ‘The health crisis has played a role in redefining the balance between life at home and the desire to escape. A contemporary nesting attitude, this quest for wellbeing at home, has now become essential. The home has taken center stage once again in our multifaceted lives - personal, family, social, and professional.’

To Care & Protect

Paris — ‘Protecting oneself is a metaphor for self-care, but also caring for the environment or for one’s personal effects. In the “To Protect” trend space at Maison&Objet there is a surrealistic juxtaposition created between objects that are protective, yet also friendly. Though they are as practical as a kitchen apron or a raincoat, they are no less beautiful.’

Connected & Paired Up

Paris — ‘Somewhere between distance and assistance, anything is an excuse for connection - the air, sound, light, plants, our own sleep patterns - and the course of our lives seems to slip by as though it were “streamed”. If human beings are used to living in pairs, it is indeed with objects that we're now "paired up”.’