December 2021 / Hope.

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I have to be honest, sometimes with the current events I get angry and feel less than inspired. Then I sit down and research further some of the designers we have met on the circuit and initiatives that cross our paths, and it is as if a positive light shines down on me. Thankfully there appears to be more good and positivity in this world than the opposite, and I am grateful for that. This encouraging “light” my team and I can then point it in your direction. In this issue of Trendease we tackle a number of hot topics and even hotter designs. Get inspired with the December edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's December Diary

Milan — In this month’s edition of Trendease we find inspiration, hope, and positivity in many forms pouring over interiors, furnishings, fashion, textiles, home accessories, lighting, art, and more. Just because our former amount of travel is not currently possible, the Trendease Team is still scouring the globe for information pertinent to your design business needs. We keep delivering. You keep reading.

Evolutionary Designs from the Beach

Worldwide — Here are awe-inspiring projects that turn plastic pollution into commercially viable and attractive furniture, fashions, and even kids’ toys. From the shores of the United Kingdom, Norway, and the Maldives waste is being collected, sorted, cleaned, and manufactured into a circular economy, both locally in small batches and internationally in the millions. There is hope for the future.

Get Out and Stay Cozy

Worldwide — Yet another strain of the coronavirus is upon us and threatens to cause yet another lockdown. Although the outside “room” had become a trend long before the pandemic, this recent necessary lifestyle shift has caused more people and businesses to invest in outdoor spaces. How to make these areas nice and cozy with the latest creations? See here.

The Golden Threads

Multiple European Cities — Contemporary textiles have been undergoing fascinating transformations at the hands of technology and artisans. From technical textiles to unique fiber combinations, Trendease takes a look at metal infused materials with artistic and commercial textile applications, which mix natural and technical fibers resulting in a distinctive aesthetic.

New Talents Embrace New Rituals

Milan — Recently the utilization of single use plastic has soared and here are a group of designers looking to make a lower impact through thoughtful design of home goods and packaging. Lifestyles and daily habits have changed, and these seven new products look to embrace new rituals and routines while respecting the environment and current culture.

Wasted Art

Santa Croce sull’ Arno — All of these products are made from 100% waste. The more we looked into the initiative, the more we admired it. At the end of 2020 they had about 330 collaborations. Most importantly, influencing the future, students have the chance to take part in trainings on artistic experimentation using industrial waste as raw materials for the design of products, of works of art, and installations.

Sweeter Than Honey

Multiple European Cities — During recent design weeks and festivals Trendease was impressed to see the advances being made in 3D printing. It is an oversimplification, but sugars are now the base of many sleek and shiny products being envisioned through additive manufacturing. They are stable and have a more perfected appearance—what’s more is they are 100% biodegradable.

Paper Virtuoso

Milan — From Missoni and Maison Hermès in Milan and Rome to Neiman Marcus in Texas, this creative virtuoso manipulates paper into artifacts for the home that have become desirable to people around the world. But isn’t it just paper? Or is it transformed into something more with a greater meaning? You be the judge here.