January 2022 / Designing for a Difference

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Happy New Year! May the only negative thing in 2022 be your covid tests. This month spotlights the 33 new talents scouted by Trendease for the 2022 Surface Design Show. We scoured the planet, and we have an inspirational selection who are breaking the boundaries of design, many of which are trendsetters in their own right, and some innovations will undoubtedly advance the industry. Waste is redefined, color is scrutinized, materials are sourced conscientiously as well as invented, and nature’s contributions are leveraged to create responsible designs. Get inspired with the January edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's January Jots

Worldwide — Pantone has named Very Peri (Pantone 17-3938) as its Color of the Year 2022, the first time Pantone has mixed an original color for its Color of the Year forecast. In this issue you will be able to see how several our new talents are on trend here, notably Nathalie Nijk and Charlotte Crossley as seen within this gallery.

Wonders from Waste

Worldwide — What the word ‘waste’ means is being redefined within the world of emerging creatives. Waste is no longer something to be discarded but is a valuable resource to be leveraged into another life and a circular economy. Here we delve into a wide variety of innovative developments from material experimentation to tiles, textiles, and art.

Innovation with Bioleather & Bioplastics

Uden & Victoria — Bioplastics can mimic leather and reduce synthetic plastic usage, being offered up as an alternative to packaging, as well as an intriguing material to utilize in lighting design. At Trendease, we love to see the latest innovations in this field. Here you can find a wide-ranging selection of the latest experimentation and product development from the United Kingdom and mainland Europe.

The Design Labyrinth Mycelium

Madrid & London — Mycomaterials have been a very hot topic in design this last decade and they show no signs of slowing. Here you can see how budding new talents are leveraging mycelium as a medium to create lighting fixtures, wallcoverings, furniture, and metropolitan bug homes. Did you know that mycelium can even be combined with 3D printing and municipal trash to create a new treasure?

Inspiration from Color

Multiple British Cities — All influenced by color in one way or another, these 50+ products imbue color psychology, color theory for mindfulness, promote positive emotions through color, and support the stability of local communities as well as marine ecosystems. That is a lot of positivity. These pigments, textiles, wallcoverings, and home accessories are timely and the product of eight new talents scouted by Trendease.

Material Mixtures

Multiple British Cities — Nature is a never-ending source of inspiration. The global climate has caused people to appreciate Mother Nature even more and people are looking to bring her wonders indoors. Here are some designers embracing her influence and working with the materials the planet gifted us. Wood is warm and full of character; eco-friendly materials are a must.

Nature Inspires Diversity

Multiple British Cities — Soil to soil textiles, intricately drawn luxury surface patterns, forms and colors of tree bark woven into designs, birds in flight, and all of the creations seen here within are developed with nature as the muse. These six designers have been scouted by Trendease for the New Talent area at the February 2022 edition of the Surface Design Show.

New Possibilities with Print

Worldwide — What is trending in the world of prints and surface design? Cabinets of curiosity, botanicals, bugs, African culture, complex florals, seaside collage, and sophisticated children’s patterns tackle the tip of the iceberg of what will adorn tomorrow’s products. See them here as well as in person within the Trendease-curated New Talent area at the Surface Design Show next month.