February 2022 / Here We Go Again

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Oh Covid, wonít you please go away and let us get on with our lives?! January is usually jam-packed with design events kicking off the new year; we were bitterly disappointed when all major international exhibitions were canceled or postponed. Thankfully we have the Surface Design Show to look forward to 8-10 February where Trendease has curated an area of 34 new talents showcasing their goods, many for the first time! This month we have a selection of products that were due to make their debut at events in January; hopefully the digital unveiling will whet your appetite. Get inspired with the February edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director
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Features and Articles

Jennifer's February Fables

Frankfurt — Heimtextil was one of many trade shows that was either canceled or postponed this January due to the continuation of threats from the coronavirus. Here is a sneak peek of what would have been on show including textiles from leek waste, banana fibers, as well as eggshell ceramics. Currently the exhibition has been rescheduled to coincide with Techtextil and Texprocess June 21-24, 2022.

By Teresa Egger

With the Young Generation in Mind

Multiple European Cities — Trendease is delighted to still give these talents a platform to showcase their work to the world despite the trade shows where they were due to exhibit being canceled. Here you can see our selection of products where all of the designers had the young generation in mind, from hygiene and multi-functionality to sustainability and health.

By Lise Vester

Lighting Up These Times

Worldwide — All too often we overlook the importance of lighting in interiors. Most artificial light does not adapt throughout the day, and it certainly is not as dynamic as the sun. These five designers have created products that adapt to our needs, encourage interaction, and incorporate diverse materials from textiles to hard and soft plastics and metals.

By studio superorganismus

Innovation in Home Electronics

Multiple European Cities — The need for electricity and charging has increased with mankindís innovations. How do home products keep up with these changing times? These designers address creative solutions to contemporary living while keeping functionality and aesthetics centerstage. Extension cords, batteries, and induction surfaces will charge you up here.

By Hemmo Honkonen

Surfaces and Processes

Worldwide — Embossed wood, burl wood, aluminum, and biodegradable composite material made from scraps of egg and nut shells are the ingredients of creativity here where furnishing and interior design go in new directions at the hands of fresh talent just entering the industry. Storage, seating, and case goods are boastful of the processes that produced them.

By Felix Landwehr

For Our Changing Spaces

Multiple German Cities — The ability to be circular, adaptable, flexible, modular, practical, and modern were key attributes to this selection of furniture designed by the industryís newest talents. Structures that can be assembled without tools, material that is elastic, yet load bearing, and constantly changing environments are matters addressed here.

By Aleksander Luczak

Stacked or Linked Seating

Multiple European Cities — Considering the environment when designing a room is paramount. How much space is there to expand when more seating is needed? Can the furniture remain in situ when not in use, does it need to be tucked away, can it be stacked? Everyone needs to sit, but the needs of everyone when it comes to the seating are not the same. Here designers address different options for different interiors.

By Claudia Otte

Accessories Inspired by Slugs and Fruit

Multiple European Cities — Do you want it out in the open or out of sight? Here are some options where you can neatly stack oneís things away or keep them out on display to show in all of their glory. The history behind the inspiration was a key driver for these designers, embracing tradition while adding an original, modern twist.