March 2022 / Humanity's Design Connection

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Many positive topics are coming to the forefront of design, and let’s face it, we could all use some optimism. We see colors and patterns inspired by the need for joy, fun, hope, and release, anxiety-reducing rituals, time for mindful moments, space for stillness, growing emotional connections, and eco-focused values in the spotlight. The importance of heirlooms and personal history play into interiors. Rewilding, reengaging with nature, and innovating with materials from the land give back. Circular design, sustainability, waste reduction/reuse, wellbeing, and inclusivity are also attention grabbers. Explore the latest color stories, design directions, material revolutions, and new talent unveilings here. Get inspired with the March edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's March Marvels

Worldwide — In the selection of images within this gallery, you can see the results of the months and years of hard work the new talents put into their collections that we scouted for Surface Design Show 2022. Here you can see a reportage from the exhibition featuring the 34 new talents that were unveiled to the industry at the event February 8-10, 2022.

Materials Offer a Sense of Place

London — “We are living through exciting and radical changes when it comes to the meaning and impact of every single ‘thing’ on this earth. From helping us on the journey to a world without post-consumer waste to developing viable alternatives using biomaterials: designers and manufactures are working hard and turning a crisis into an opportunity,” reports Sally Angharad. Learn more here within.

Mindful Moments at Home

London — Frankfurt may have canceled February, but London did not. Top Drawer is like a smaller version of a combination of Ambiente, Paperworld, and Christmasworld. The trade show is mixture of sectors, including Home, Gift, Fashion, Craft, Stationery, Play, Wellbeing, and Giftable Treats. For this edition of the exhibition there were four timely trends presented.

Embrace Outdoor Healing

London — “Driven by the desire to re-engage with nature, to rewild and give back, creatives are turning to natural materials, traditional crafts, and woodland inspiration.” See product examples and read more about this trend that includes print directions and a color palette. See the forest for the trees and embrace outdoor healing here.

Shiny Happy People

London — Bright, happy, and hope make our cups overflow when reviewing this design direction. “In a post-covid minimalist and digital first world, this trend pushes back with analogue past times and 90s influenced tactility.” Pops of vivid colors, simple graphics, marbling, and electric accents dominate this aesthetic.

The New Old with Heart

London — Dive into this cozy trend with circular design and the importance of family at its heart. “An unstable world makes the heirloom lover look back to the comforts of the past, driven by the desire for emotional connections and eco focused values.” Warm and cool colors are accessorized with ditzy print patterns.

Award-Winning Graphics & Color

London — While Paperworld was canceled this year and will later merge with Ambiente in 2023, Top Drawer was only postponed, a scaled-down version of the mammoth exhibition usually held at Messe Frankfurt, so we went to explore and here are some of the best on show in the paper goods sector. These noteworthy graphics and use of color could be applied across to other product categories.

Emerging Design Businesses

Multiple British Cities — For the team at Trendease, it is always intriguing to see what new talents focus on when choosing their path in the design industries. There are often themes that reveal themselves that say a lot about contemporary lifestyles and societal shifts. Undeniably sustainability, waste, wellbeing, and inclusivity have come to center stage here.