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It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the trilogy of fairs under one roof: Heimtextil, Techtextil and Texprocess for the special summer edition that took place last month. Trendease reports on the trends, innovations, and unmissable happenings. Sustainability was at the heart of most on show: the circular economy is full of businesses utilizing byproducts as resources, looking towards single use biodegradables or reusable products with an extended lifetime, using natural ingredients and processes, and cutting down on microplastics and plastic pollution. Get inspired with the July edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director
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Features and Articles

Jennifer's July Jargon

Frankfurt — Last month marked an exceptional happening: Heimtextil, Techtextil and Texprocess took place simultaneously under one roof at the Messe Frankfurt, Germany. The Trendease Team was there to take note and report back to you on the synergistic mix of home fabrics, technical textiles, and the latest in textile processing.

Short Stay to Long Stay

Frankfurt — The Trevira CS booth at Heimtextil featured over 260 flame retardant client fabrics using Trevira CS yarns in a series of vignettes representing a long-stay apartment. These were selected from approximately 430 entries that were submitted to the company’s fabric competition. Part of the contest involved how well the textiles honed in on five lifestyle trends outlined here.

Sustainable Cultural Connections

Worldwide — Four trends were presented at the unique summer edition of Heimtextil: Empowered Identity, Hyper Nature, Beyond Identity, and Deep Nature. Trendease delivers to you an in-depth coverage of the trends with over 200 images and bleeding-edge product information to keep you in the know now.

Fusing Technology & Nature

Worldwide — How can we create a better world by fusing technology with Mother Nature? This trend is represented by vivid and supernatural colors inspired by bioscience. Gradient and flowing patterns are part of this textile universe. Developing innovative filaments as well as challenging the loom with new yarns are advances seen here.

Identity Transformation Redefines Pastels

Worldwide — Redefining pastels. Transformation of identity. New boundaries. A state of constant flux. Fluid experimentation. Debunking norms. Conscious rebels. Powerful defiance. New forms of sustainability. Beyond Identity is recycled synthetics, natural fabrics, cellulose-based or plastic waste - secondhand textiles, vegan fur, and mycelium leather.


Rebalancing with Nature

Worldwide — We live in a world where manufacturing has done its damage and now it must coincide with nature’s ways. Here we examine sustainable and cradle to cradle products with circularity at their heart. Mycelium tiles, wood and waste fibers, banana fabrics, undyed carpets, biodegradable textiles, eggshell ceramics, and eelgrass are some examples seen within.

Resourceful Food Coloring

Aarhus — When one thinks of walnut shells, onion skin, avocado skin, and celery top, a kitchen may come to mind before textiles do. However, these ingredients are in fact dyeing fabrics, turning food waste into food for thought. Cream of tartar, commonly used in baking and as a cleaning solution, can also be used as a mordant. Here are recipes to be more resourceful when coloring our goods.


Innovation Drives the Future

Frankfurt — This year's Techtextil and Texprocess Innovation Awards demonstrate cutting-edge products, innovative materials, new solutions and processes. The 13 award winners showcase that textile novelties are an ideal way to overcome contemporary market challenges, create opportunities, and improve revenues—not to mention give a boost to the circularity trend (and necessity).