August 2022 / Challenging the Status Quo

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Positive changes are taking place throughout the industry, challenging the status quo and placing the circular economy and sustainability at the heart of manufacturing, design, and distribution. Natural and manmade alternatives are being sought out. Artificial intelligence and Big Data are being leveraged for greener solutions. Because of the impact on the supply chain people are becoming more creative to make new products with fewer resources or are sticking closer to home. Learn about all of this and delve into a number of trends for the 2023/2024 season. Get inspired with the August edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director
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Features and Articles

Jennifer's August Amusings

Paris — Processes are reconsidered. Techniques are updated and combined with expert knowhow. Quality and performance features are trumping fast-fashion. The movement towards reducing the use of chemicals is picking up speed. These are just some topics covered in this month’s content. Also learn about the latest trends for Autumn/Winter 2023-2024.

Gregory Granados

New Approaches for 2023/2024

Paris — Within this feature we uncover three trend directions and color palettes for the AW23/24 season. A new level of creativity arises due to the disruption of the supply chain where new products are created with fewer means. Processes are being rethought; history is being reflected upon, while the traditional idea of good taste is challenged.

NATURAL PERFORMANCE (About Grid by Netta Getta)

Traditional Knowhow & Updating Techniques

Paris — When decoding the Autumn/Winter 2023-2024 season for textiles, surface design, leather, and decorative trim, with this trend we see techniques being updated and combining them with proven expert know-how where quality and performance features set designs apart from the competition. Historical references go beyond basics.

1 TPa TSa 1121.mocap by Audrey Large

Subdued Richness

Paris — Our outlook on quality is morphing in terms of what is en vogue. Longevity, durability, and sustainability take center stage. This subdued richness is opulent sobriety and in this trend we reveal buzz phrases like “faux maximalism” and “inner luxury” for the 2023/2024 season for fashion fabrics.

La Belle Moule Décomposée by Femke van Gemert, Waste Textiles Artist

Desirable Imperfections

Paris — Some of the buzz phrases you will discover here for 2023/2024 include noble authenticity, raw imperfection, glorified rawness, classic ambiguity, cozy ambiance, and distressed grunge. Aesthetics and eco-friendliness are called into question while the supply chain presents limitations; here are fashion’s answers is to these topics.

Indigo Turns Green

Frankfurt — Denim is gaining popularity again, moving from a classic to a trendy design category. The industry, aware of the huge negative ecological impact the manufacturing of denim has on the environment, is taking action. In this feature learn about alternatives such as nitrogen, foaming and spray dyeing, ozone fading to replace bleaching, and laser wash finishing, among others.

Mabo plate

Designs to Support

London — Here are 16 ways to make a positive ecological impact with design. Wall treatments that range from biomass waste that absorb CO2, spray cork, to paint that purifies the air; desks that act as heat sources, plates and chairs utilizing reclaimed plastic, air-powered showers, bee saving papers, utensils from avocados, and much more.

Allcost – Têxteis para Hotelaria, Lda.

Textiles with Conscience

Frankfurt — Here you can find Portuguese high-performance home textile products based on recycled and recyclable, organic, natural, and renewable fibers, finishing processes avoiding the use of chemicals, textile materials obtained from other industries’ waste, upcycling, redesign and reuse, among others.