September 2022 / Eco-Chic for Life

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There was a time where Trendease would publish monthly eco-chic columns. We stopped this because the practice has thankfully become more widespread, and while it is not a topic covered in every single article, it is something that has spread to be a regular subject through a majority of what we publish. This month we share a sneak peek into the trends that will be presented at Heimtextil for 2023-24 and they are saturated with sustainability and circularity. We also spotlight the consumer trends for the upcoming holidays. Supporting all of this are seven color palettes and design directions to keep you in the know. Get inspired with the September edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director
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Features and Articles


Jennifer's September Scribbles

Paris — For all industry sectors the topic of sustainability is in the spotlight. The best approach to being sustainable is knowledge. The more informed decisions we can make in manufacturing, marketing, buying, selling, and end-of-life the better. Here, Premiere Vision Paris has outlined some information for the A/W 23-24 season.

Heimtextil 23/24: Make and Remake

Frankfurt — Methods such as overprinting, overdyeing, bricolage, collage, and patchwork produce a maximalist, joyful mix of color, print, pattern, and texture. The aesthetics of repair come to the forefront, as contrast joinery, stitching, and patching become highlights in their own right, and promote visible rejuvenation. The ingenious, inventive methodology of Make and Remake has a joyous, energetic charm.

Heimtextil 23/24: Continuous

Frankfurt — The Continuous look doesn’t show off its eco credentials. It is pragmatic, pared-back, utilitarian, and timeless, displaying a sense of essentialism and longevity. Its effect is sophisticated and subtle, with widespread interest. This theme reaches past design: transparency develops trust here, and conveying the Continuous message clearly and simply strengthens that trust.

Heimtextil 23/24: From Earth

Frankfurt — From Earth is concentrating on the natural world and its wellbeing advantages. There is a deep reverence for materials and a yearning to reconnect with nature. Designers are investigating the promise of diverse natural resources, stressing the warmth and softness of organic materials, and the surprising color variety of natural dyeing.

Heimtextil 23/24: Nature Engineered

Frankfurt — An emphasis on advancing the performance of natural materials gives Nature Engineered the capacity to disrupt industries such as architecture, automotive, interior design, and others. Designers and makers work considerately with natural, regenerative substances, using bleeding-edge methods to manufacture them into sophisticated, smart, and functional textiles and materials.

Example of a clean, cozy look in soft tones by Graziani from Italy

The Holidays Must Be Sustainable

Worldwide — This neat, paired back look soundly showcases sustainable, natural products, and specifically appeal to people who have come to be more mindful when shopping and questioning the origins, production conditions, and materials of the goods on offer. And this increasingly pertains to seasonal decorations also.

At Graziani, burgundy, red, and English green are the most popular in Europe.

Rainbows and Tradition

Worldwide — In this trend, the hues are powerful and exhibit individual motifs as well as graphic shapes. Illustrative designs and graphic repeats control the surfaces of the materials. Shifting waves, dot patterns, and high-contrast sketches express a positive expression. Traditional pieces, hand-painted holiday decorations, and paper goods are presented in folklore design directions.

Luxury Trees in black, gold and bronze are popular and bring glamour in art deco style to the festive tables

Glamourous and Mystical

Worldwide — It is confirmed that a mystically elegant look in earthy tones is a strong direction for the coming season. It is reported that particularly dark color palettes with black, brown, gold, as well as dark woods, deliver a hint of luxury this time of year, and offer glamour to Christmas tables. A magical black and sparkling metallic colors create a contemporary and trendy statement.