December 2022 / Net Positive Design

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Rather than trying to do less harm through design, the forward thinkers are now focused on having positive social and environmental impacts through regenerative design, leading to a net positive impact on our people and planet. Being “less bad” is becoming the easy way out and carries less clout as people see beyond marketing schemes to what is really taking place. Carbon neutral and carbon negative are the only options moving forward. Soon aesthetics will not be sufficient enough to please the prosumers. Get inspired with the December edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Sheaves Willow

Jennifer's December Diary

Eindhoven — In reviewing the new designs we have seen, and events we attended during the autumn happenings, it was very clear that the sustainability trend has progressed; “circularity” became the buzzword to follow “sustainability”, and now we have moved on towards terminology encompassing “regenerative design”? What is regenerative design?

Design Retaining Carbon

London — "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" It does indeed, and rather than become noisy firewood, it can transform into a collection of inspiring design objects and furnishings, which is exactly what happened to this Ash tree. Explore the outcome from ten designers here.

In a Not-So-Distant-Future

London — “Regenerative design enables human and natural systems to co-exist and co-evolve in harmony, restoring social and planetary health, revitalizing biodiverse ecosystems, and renewing natural capital. Regenerative design requires us to rethink business-as-usual, implementing holistic and whole-system solutions for net-positive outcomes.” Delve into some bleeding-edge designs here.

Amy Lewis: The „Light Charmer“ focuses on the interplay of  mechanical and intuitive design that can evoke emotions

Ambiente 2023 New Talent Preview

Frankfurt — New talents from the arenas of interior design and tableware / home accessories will exhibit innovative design methods for modern-day living settings in two locations within the halls of February 2023’s Ambiente. There are 32 newcomers from around the globe: Argentina, Germany, Finland, India, Japan, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Taiwan, Hungary, and the USA.

Delving into the Diningscape

London — New for the recent edition, Decorex presented four interior settings expertly considered and individually styled by four designers and brands. Concentrating on the tablescaping trend, the designers have each fashioned a dining room, embellishing all four walls and everything within them. From bespoke creations to repurposed antiques, whet your design appetite here.

Styled Practical Living

London — Form and function for aesthetic and practical living are the central focus of this design-driven interior. Rich colors and unique material combinations of burled wood, marble, smooth ceramics, bent steel, mirrored ‘windows’, and a draped textile ceiling make this space one-of-a-kind. Mix and match seating and a full library add depth and sophistication.

Maximalism at Its Best

London — Extinct animals, bold florals, a scattering of palm trees, parrots, cheetahs, monkeys, and elephants bring exotic flare to this over-the-top interior lush with decorative pillows, intense wallcoverings, camouflaged lighting, bamboo and wicker furniture accented with tropical textiles and matching animal print tableware and candle sticks.

A Mélange of Styles

London — Do you ever look at a room that has been designed down to every last detail and think, “In a million years, I never would have put those things together, but hey, it actually gels.”? This mélange of styles creates an unexpected synergy bringing industrial-looking upholstered chairs together with delicate floral ceramics, Memphis-esque tiles, and slithering snakes.