February 2023 / We Matter

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Paris Deco Off boasts eco-friendly possibilities and Maison&Objet looks to “Take Care!”. The 23/24 trend theme for Heimtextil falls under the title “Textiles Matter” and focuses on four varying paths towards circularity. This all goes past textiles, as you will see and read in the galleries of this month’s edition. It extends beyond textiles and beyond nature, maintaining and preserving the planet. We matter. Without a sustained planet we do not have a place to call home, to make home. Get inspired with the February edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's February Fables

Paris — Walking all around the right and left banks of Paris during Paris Design Week and exploring the plethora of showrooms of Paris Deco Off one could find snow globe-esque displays in the streets worth a gander. The sign read: Cardboard Décor: That's a Wrap! It wasn’t until I was back at my desk that I actually processed that what I was looking at was cardboard furniture!

Maison&Objet 23/24: In the Air

Paris — Maison&Objet’s trend team based its curated areas around the theme “Take Care!” Here we delve into three spaces by Elizabeth Leriche where first, we have a breath of fresh, pure air, designed with transparency and lightness in mind, followed by a meditative moment in a space created for slow design, and ending in rooms with a warm embrace of luminosity and color.

Maison&Objet 23/24: Grounded

Paris — As part of the What's New? areas, this exhibition points out a selection of furniture and accessories whose detailed design places the emphasis on the physical, embodied assets of materials. Whether they're uber-modern or completely entrenched in tradition, this assortment wholly reflects one of our epoch's trends: physicality.

Maison&Objet 23/24: Slow Hospitality

Paris — By boarding these ‘night train’ scenes in Paris, staged by Francois Delclaux, we take a few journeys through slow hospitality into three themes all decorated with the latest trend-driven products from Maison&Objet exhibitors: tropical modernism, forest glamping, and shoreline dream. It is time to slow down and reconnect.

Heimtextil 23/24: Make and Remake

Frankfurt — Explore the path to circularity in Textiles Matter at Heimtextil. The technical cycle, where Make and Remake and Continuous are found, focus on inorganic materials like nylon, polyester, plastics, and metals; the biological cycle, where we find From Earth and Nature Engineered, applies to organic materials from nature, which can be returned to nature. Dive into Make and Remake here.

Heimtextil 23/24: Continuous

Frankfurt — Closed-loop, zero waste production where materials live again and again is Continuous. Mono-materiality, technically advanced reclamation processes, modularity, and design for disassembly are integral concepts. This 23/24 trend has universal appeal, is practical, and utilitarian. Learn about the details here, as well as the color palette.

Heimtextil 23/24: From Earth

Frankfurt — Natural dyeing, organic materials, imperfections and variations are preferred in this direction found at Heimtextil for 23/24. Ecological aesthetics embrace craftsmanship with textural and tactile richness. Designers have a deep respect for nature and wellbeing, exploring the potential to bring these together in the latest textiles have to offer.

Heimtextil 23/24: Nature Engineered

Frankfurt — Sophisticated, bleeding-edge, regenerative, smart, engineered, honed and perfected is the 23/24 theme from Franklin Till, Nature Engineered. These creations are disrupting a broad spectrum of industries from interior design and architecture to automotive and beyond. The elevated performance of natural materials can be found here.