March 2023 / Restarting the Extraordinary

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What is ordinary today? Ordinary is defined as that which is commonplace or standard, but what is commonplace and standard to one person may differ greatly to another. For some augmented reality and living in a digital realm is ordinary and familiar; for others it is foreign and terrifying. This month we look at three trends that were applied to two trade shows where consumer goods meet the wares for the festive seasons. Three Pantone colors stories, each with eight micro color moods are presented with 100s of product examples for the home, from soft goods to furnishings and tabletop. Get inspired with the March edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's March Marvels

Frankfurt — For the occasion of Christmasworld 2023 the lifestyle company in floral and seasonal decoration, 2dezign, pulled together a grand display of warmth and cheer to celebrate the latest designs for the upcoming holiday seasons. Under the theme of Down to Earth the decorations offer unlimited possibilities.

Color 23+

Frankfurt — In this gallery we look to consumer goods along with festive and seasonal decoration, three color palettes for 2023/2024 and beyond, each with eight micro-trend color combinations and Pantone references. From powerful and eccentric hues to soft and neutral directions, the ranges offer something for almost every taste. Get your product assortments in line with help from this feature.


Frankfurt — Abstract, curious, and enigmatic shapes with unusual surfaces push the boundaries of our ingenuity. The borders in the middle of analogue and digital, real and virtual are visually blurred. An enchanted, artistic experience follows from quirkily mixed techniques and materials. A mesmerizing take on the “unreally-real”.

Enchanted Familiar Beauty

Frankfurt — “The designs convey a feeling of difference and mystery, while at the same time being invigorating, graceful and enchanting. Things familiar to us appear new, idiosyncratic, surprising and unfamiliar - through their coloring, perspective and sense of alienation.” Dive into this trend in a gallery showcasing its color palette and 24 images brimming with product examples.

Symbiosis in Our Homes

Frankfurt — This is the trend where we see biophilic design combine with organic three dimensional printing and the mindset that waste is not rubbish, but another raw material with which to work. Nature and human beings are partners here, working hand in hand in symbiosis and collaboration. The colors are delicate and unobtrusive; the materials bring together craft and technology.

Dissolving Boundaries

Frankfurt — Sensitive and mindful decorations fill the shelves. Sustainable and incredibly tactile, these products are fit out using a calming color story with materials such as matte ceramic, raw wood, dried leaves, rattan, felt, frosted glass, open weaves, unfinished edges, rock formations, and organic matter. Minimal and comforting, these 24 images will inspire.

Modern Design Heritage

Frankfurt — This contemporary trend pulls from our rich design heritage and adapts history to fit today’s changing lifestyles without compromising on aesthetics. Multi-use spaces for living and work need not be hotch-potch. Adaptive designs are modular and dynamic, while colors make passionate statements.

Enduring & Novel

Frankfurt — This theme conveys the essence of classic designs that are mutually recognizable but also completely novel. “Artisanal skills combine with a great manufacturing heritage and industrial know-how. Classic designs, traditional ornaments and artistic statement pieces are essential in creating a special and vivid look.”