April 2023 / Eco Everything

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In this month’s edition of Trendease, virtually visit a show village where you can “walk” your way through two contemporary life-size homes; one that focuses on affordable escapes and the other that concentrates on generating revenue and saving costs. Another pop-up featured is a retail concept store with a curated merchandise mix ideal for concept shops, selling design, museum stores, bookshops… Additionally, “walk” the floor of Creativeworld, a place to explore the trade show’s three trend directions where “Nature is precious and resources are valuable.” Get inspired with the April edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's April Antics

Frankfurt — Spot on Handicraft, the trend area where trade visitors can also DIY. Spot on Handicraft proposes an industry and trend vantage point grounded on research of current color, shape, and material directions and demonstrates how these characteristics merge leveraging creative techniques and craft skills.

Innocent Charm

Frankfurt — A design direction that is filled with comedy and warmth. This trend combines a selection of aesthetics to make the world better-off – playful pastel colors, an inventive mix of styles and the sparkle that made us twinkle in our childhood. This theme looks towards everyday things with fondness. Folkloric elements are light-hearted ornaments.

Illustrative Power

Frankfurt — Bold colors are an expression of power and energy. Artistic and experimental practices boost this effect. With this design direction, bright and arresting color palettes, prints, and patterns are center stage. Random features are used deliberately to generate free lines and color gradients. New decorative details overlay existing ones, safeguarding resources.

Sensitive Biology

Frankfurt — Nature is replicated in a dragonfly's wing. Iridescent grids of veins and cells follow an inner directive and collectively form a work of art. Representative of this design direction are delicate paper creations, lattice weaves of fine wire, and knitted fabrics made from yarns and ribbons. They transfer this sensory micro-universe into the wider two and three-dimensional domains.

The Money-Making Home

London — This three-bedroom house is one-of-a-kind, with revenue-generating and cost-saving features, and a fully-furnished rental built alongside the main show home. This is an ideal solution for households confronted with a global cost of living crisis. Grow-your-own, upcycle, and introducing solar panels and/or wind turbines are just some features of this house.

The Great Escape

London — This pop-up house is created with peace and serenity in mind. This small home demonstrates that design can create the ideal space, to flee the everyday stresses of life, providing a comforting sanctuary that encourages well-being. Each finishing touch, from the paint shade selections, eco-friendly materials, landscaping, right down to the furniture styling promotes tranquility.

A Concept Pop-Up's Curated Assortment

Frankfurt — As inspiration for the trade, this merchandised area shows a curated assortment representing a pop-up concept store of a unique kind. The result is an invigorating mix of selected home decoration, fashion accessories, gifts, books, stationery, and vintage items. This venture is aimed at a larger target group of concept stores, design shops, museum stores, bookshops, and stationery retailers.

Ethical DIY Styles

Worldwide — The Trendease Team has chosen three DIY product ranges that incorporate textile dyeing, natural modeling clay, and vegan paint suitable for a variety of surfaces. Aspects such as environmentally friendly materials, resource-saving production, re- and upcycling, sustainable innovations, handicraft, and socially responsible production were taken into account.