July 2023 / Heritage and IT Evolutions

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From the rich design heritage of the Arts and Crafts movement to the disruptive behavior of artificial intelligence starting to design home products, the Trendease Team is proud to present a diverse look at the state of the international design world, including trends of portable lighting, mirrors with split personalities, an ever-evolving showroom, ecologically redesigned hotel suites, and a deep dive into an Arts and Crafts country home seeping in Morris & Co. patterns with interior design and furnishings promising to awe. Get inspired with the July edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles


Jennifer's July Jargon

Multiple European Cities — During our trekking around the recent slew of design events it is plain to see that there is a growing trend in indoor/outdoor lighting: portability plus recyclability, and of course pleasing design aesthetics! From glamor and the sophisticated engineering at Tom Dixon, to 360-degree multifunctionality at Fermob, and a vast selection of others in between, see the Trendease picks here.

Milo by Johan Elmdahl, Nicole Steiner, Melanie Walder, Sabrina Zetzsche

Mirrors with Split Personality

Milan — During the Trendease Teamís recent jaunt through Milan there was an intriguing trend immerging in the world of self-reflection, in mirrors. A number of Italian and international designers are stretching the boundary of what it is to be a mirror. From tradition reinterpreted, and sustainability, to motion and coaching technologies, reflections have never been so clear.

Home Products Designed by an AI Robot

London — It has been said that one of the safe industries that will not be negatively affected by artificial intelligence is the creative industry. Now we see how an AI robot can design home products and exhibit them as pieces of art. The fact that they are currently flawed is presented as art, but what happens with pieces that are functional, beautiful, and scalable to a commercially viable level?

The Ever-Evolving House

London — The Trendease Team loves to visit pop-ups and ever-changing spaces. It keeps the creative juices flowing, where inspiration is around every corner. The House was no exception. Both concept shop and internet retailer, for those who cannot peruse in person, this showroom boasts thought-out interior design, well-sourced product, and acts as a platform to demonstrate the companyís styling talents.

Creative Interaction with Interiors

London — Re-envisioned interiors designed with local talent and local materials are the focus of this feature. At first glace the spaces are pleasing to the eye; once one understands the depth of the designs, the locally sourced timber, the spellbinding countertops, and the paint launched by a neighboring studio, the entire projects take on a deeper meaning, and hence become even more beautiful.


Ooooooh William Morris and More

East Grinstead — For anyone who is interested in the Arts and Crafts furnishings, textiles, wallcoverings, and overall interiors, a visit to Standen House is a must. The William Morris originals are plentiful and awe-inspiring to those who can appreciate them. The lighting fixtures are so unique in their design, and the chinaware begs for high tea. We are lucky such a masterpiece is being preserved.

A Space to Shelter and Draw

East Grinstead — Tucked away in the protected wooded grounds of Standen House is a place for repose. This bothy is part of a charitable contemporary arts program and its employ of diverse, colorful, textured, reclaimed, and natural materials fashions a refuge of inspiration. Breathtaking surroundings and locally sourced products make this a feelgood place all around.

Shop for Nature

Swindon — We visit National Trust sites often, and report on them when they are relevant to our readership. Standen House is one of our favorites for that thus far. Exploring the interiors, furnishings, textiles, wallcoverings, accessories, gardens and beyond, we found ourselves in the giftshop picturing how we would shop for our imaginary garden, and here are some of our top picks.