August 2023 / Creative Immersive Experiences

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The traditional approach to decorating interiors has transcended to be all- encompassing beyond the furniture, textiles, accessories, lighting, etcetera to also include customized scentscapes and soundtracks, even digital mapping and projection. In this edition of Trendease, the team dives into various aspects of these creative immersive experiences and celebrates a plethora of artist minds from around the world. Get inspired with the August edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Pure Simplicity

Jennifer's August Amusings

Frankfurt — While not all-inclusive as an immersive experience, most textile aficionados do make it a point to see what the Deco Team has come up with to highlight the latest home textiles to be unveiled during the international trade fair in a room setting, which we present here. This year’s themes included Modern Elegance, Pure Simplicity, and Summer Vibes.

THE LEGEND ROOM by Nicky Haslam and Colette van den Thillart

Masters in Their Field

London — WOW!house 2023 sees 18 top-notch international designers come together to create 18 rooms in celebration of creativity and skill. Given carte blanche to fashion their rooms and with no client to hinder their visions, the designers each used their creative intelligence to convert a blank canvas into a room of wonder.

PRINCIPAL BATHROOM by Lucy Barlow & Joshua Sear

The Process of Creation

London — The four interiors fashioned here demonstrate various movements taking place within interior design. Themes run from timeless to retro-futuristic, while each one exemplifies an expert touch of color, pattern, and texture. Embracing the trend of production pieces complementing completely bespoke and handmade design, these rooms all showcase a visual banquet of decorative grandeur.

DAY ROOM by Timothy Mather Design

Luxurious, Exotic, and Sensual

London — Delve into these five spaces where you can fully immerse yourselves in opulence and the finer things in life. A connecting thread of wanting to transport visitors away when they enter a room emerged from the designers’ works: France, Brazil, Japan, and Spain. Exquisite craftsmanship, luxurious and seductive textures, patterns, and effects, grace these interiors.

DINING ROOM by Martin Hulbert Design

Designing a Sense of Wanderlust

London — Interiors reflect the desire to travel in these five room settings. This travel bug turns inward, awakening to the magnificence of artisanship, sustainable materials, and natural textures. These elegant sanctuaries voyage from African fusion, an intergalactic oasis, to coastal glamour. This house is all-encompassing from a party room to contemplative terrace.

Jessica Voorsanger: Mixed media | Vintage fabrics and metal curtain rings

Spectacular and Overwhelming

London — Each summer there is an immersive experience that is quite spectacular, inspiring, and overwhelming all at once. The RA Summer Exhibition contains 11 halls of floor to ceiling art, sculpture, textiles, and furniture with plinths donning the same. Trendease whittled down the showcase of 1600+ to a curated selection that we believe is most appropriate for our beloved community.

David Hockney Bigger & Closer (not smaller & further away)

86 Years and Inspiring as Ever

London — There is something very human and connecting about the works of David Hockney. Our latest dive into his world was supersized, immersive, colorful, and all-consuming. Hockney’s lifelong fascination with innovative media created an ideal collaboration for the inaugural show at Lightroom, London's newfangled platform for spectacular artist-led presentations.

Universities Showcase Innovation

Frankfurt — We all know that the Trendease Team is big on scouting new talent around the globe. Heimtextil is one platform we frequent each January to uncover what the professionals are launching and what talents may be emerging. Here are some of the samples we viewed from the Heimtextil University Contest 2023. Submissions for the 2024 showcase are being accepted now.