September 2023 / Enveloping Dynamic Worlds

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Three trend themes invite subscribers to indulge in the delights of interiors that promote well-being, elevate the mood with captivating designs, and rekindle enthusiasm for celebration and imagination... In this issue, we also continue our venture into the growing realm of dynamic virtual environments that blur the lines between the digital and physical, and of course, sustainability and the circular economy are omnipresent. Get inspired with the September edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

iTechStyle Green Circle

Jennifer's September Scribbles

Frankfurt — In this gallery see pioneering efforts in advancing the textile industry towards a circular economy, including the production of high-performance home textiles crafted from recycled and recyclable fibers, as well as the utilization of organic, natural, and renewable fibers. Also, sustainable products with natural dyeing and the upcycling of waste textile materials are showcased.

KANZ - Calabaza Carafes

Enjoy: In Quest of Pleasures

Paris — Peclers Paris aims to inspire visitors by showcasing three trend directions under the theme of “Enjoy: in quest of pleasures” at Maiosn&Objet. Here you can learn some insights into the macro trend and the consumer groups that have been identified. A three-stage immersive labyrinth will be presented at the exhibition highlighting products suitable to the lifestyles unveiled.


Voluptuousness Seduces Interiors

Paris — A resurgence of 70s and 80s glam, eroticism, and opulence is apparent for the upcoming Maison&Objet in Paris. The youth are embracing a highly sexualized aesthetic. Additionally, the nightlife scene profoundly impacts and motivates contemporary design endeavors. See examples of this driving trend here.

Muller Van Severen

Whimsical Escapes Through Design

Paris — With radical optimism, numerous artists, architects, and designers possess the liberty to envision a "Grand escape," showcasing this pursuit of joy through whimsical humor. This endeavor fuels utopian fantasies and imaginative realms, existing in a space between amusement and balanced innovation, and audacious aesthetics, giving way to novel interpretations of reality.

Therome Edition

Ultra-Experiential Exploration

Paris — When focusing on a return to essentials to enhance one's state of happiness, enjoyment becomes less extravagant and instead demands immersive and highly experiential investigation. The pursuit of tranquility merges augmented reality with sensory engagement. Herein lies a preview to one trend to look for at the next Maison&Objet.

3D Mapping Sets the Table

London — The Trendease Team had an immersive experience in animated dining, helping to understand how such technology has implications across several platforms. It was a unique gastronomic experience combining both art and technology. Using 3D projection mapping, the “hologram” character is brought to life delivering and preparing the food on the table. A totally new tabletop design.

Staging Textile Technologies

Frankfurt — What is a creative way to showcase over 200 textiles and pull together new talents? Trevira knows. New talents’ contest entries were pooled together to stage vignettes used to exhibit the textile brands’ latest samples using technologies including flame retardancy, mimicking natural materials, sound absorbency, light control, abrasion resistance, outdoor applications, durability, and sustainability.

Entrance/waiting area

Dynamic Virtual Environments

London — Dynamic virtual environments are blurring lines between realities and are popping up at retail locations, showrooms, and trade shows as a cutting-edge manner to experience art and design. This gallery features contemporary digital art claiming to break new ground. Let the encapsulating imagery take you on the only journey you need.