October 2023 / Well-being for Us and the Planet

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The recent ventures to the first round of autumn trade shows suggest that within the context of interior design and decoration, it is important for certain elements to bring about a sense of euphoria or extreme happiness. These benchmarks are specific design ideals, colors, textures, and objects that have been incorporated into an interior space to create a visually and emotionally pleasing environment, evoking a feeling of joy and elation. Natural, technological, and bio-engineered innovations tie into a sensation of fulfillment. Get inspired with the October edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's October Observations

Paris — In this issue we look at the design directions that emerged from Maison&Objet, as well as continue with our exclusive preview of the Heimtextil trends to be presented next January at Messe Frankfurt. The French typically use verbose language when describing their trend visions; the recent visit to Paris was no exception...

Assertive & Glamourous Aesthetics

Paris — In an increasingly inclusive and tolerant society, where diverse lifestyles flourish, the concept of self-determination is expanding its horizons. The path to a fulfilling identity lies in embracing one's uniqueness. To craft an exceptional daily existence filled with joy, people transform their lives into vibrant celebrations showcasing aesthetics that are assertive, glamourous, and theatrical.

Euphoric Touchstones Brighten Interiors

Paris — Individuals are delving into fresh, creative, and communal imaginings. Childhood and adolescence are emerging as happiness touchstones, reshaping societal ideals. Conventional realities are playfully subverted with humor, and the focal point revolves around this groupís knack for transforming its immediate surroundings into a shared playground.

Harmony in Happiness

Paris — For this consumer group, their foremost pursuit is the fulfilment of intimate well-being. Individuals employ digital and virtual technology to craft a fresh mode of presence in the world and to fashion imaginative getaways. Through objects, actions, and customs, they are reshaping the dynamics of interpersonal communication.

Inspiration with mix of yellow Wild Rubber by Amadeau Materials, Ciclo yarn and Banbū Leather by Von Holzhausen. This is a leather alternative thatís 83% plant-based (bamboo), biodegradable in a landfill, yet as supple and durable as leather.

Heimtextil Trends 24/25: New Sensitivity

Frankfurt — With the Heimtextil Trends 24/25 theme "New Sensitivity," the textile industry is urged to approach the future thoughtfully and with care, embracing a fresh perspective in home textiles. This transformation is evident through three distinct avenues toward a more sensitive textile world: bioengineered, plant-based, and technological.

04/ Bananatex is a durable, technical fabric made purely from the naturally grown AbacŠ banana plants.

Heimtextil 24/25: Plant-based Textiles

Frankfurt — Plant-based textiles imply that their fibers originate from natural sources, growing rather than undergoing synthetic production. The ecological benefit of plant-based textiles lies in their natural origin, enabling easier integration into existing ecosystems. These textiles can be categorized into two distinct groups.

01/ Dinamica by Miko is a microfiber made in Italy that resembles suede. It is produced in part by using recycled polyester without the use of organic solvents but using a water-based process.

Heimtextil 24/25: Technological Textiles

Frankfurt — Technology plays a pivotal role in facilitating the evolution of textiles, employing various techniques such as textile upcycling, recycling, construction, and design. Textiles are a readily available resource. By advancing technologies for recycling textile waste and innovating upcycling methods, we promote a circular approach, reducing reliance on virgin production and maximizing the utility of existing textiles.

05/ Bio-engineering tools by EPHEA lab by Mogu.

Heimtextil 24/25: Bio-engineered Textiles

Frankfurt — Bio-engineered textiles, to a certain extent, embody a fusion of plant-based and technological textile realms. This interdisciplinary field bridges nature and technology, reshaping the textile manufacturing landscape. Bio-engineered textiles can be categorized into two distinct directions: fully bio-engineered textiles and biodegradable textiles.