November 2023 / Design. The World is Changing.

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Twain, the chair created by Konstantin Grcic

Jennifer's November Notes

Frankfurt — This trend merges artisanal abilities, nostalgic charm, and unique contemporary aesthetics. Within this theme, traditional meets modern, 70s influences, and charming motifs intersect with vibrant material combinations. Embracing a free-spirited ethos, diversity unites an array of distinct and unconventional techniques, materials, and patterns in an elegant and stimulating amalgamation.

Design by Vitamin Design

Pure and Familiar

Frankfurt — This trend embodies the increasing emphasis on mental and physical well-being through designs that resonate with nature. Serenity and reassurance define this style, much like sustainability, where materials are utilized to the fullest extent possible. These innovative products are unpretentious, genuine, and long-lasting, offering a blend of the familiar and the unconventional.

Visionary and Elemental

Frankfurt — For the 2024 festive season and beyond, the fundamental collides with the innovative, manual craftsmanship intertwines with advanced technology, and conventional artisanal methods blend with digital tools. Ancient, organic components and forward-thinking technologies are deliberately intertwined to generate distinctive designs.

Produced for Gallery Fumi

Aura of Progress

Frankfurt — This trend heightens our focus on forward-thinking perspectives and represents an intriguing interplay of contrasts. Primitive strength intersects with futurism, and antiquated components merge with highly innovative technology. Digital and AI-assisted design procedures elevate conventional craftsmanship. The outcomes are not just captivating and original but also sustainable.

Quality of Silence

Frankfurt — This design movement unearths the extraordinary within the uncomplicated, reflecting a longing for serenity and transparency. Vibrant hues and straightforward, eco-friendly substances enable us to embrace warmth, serenity, and comfort as true opulence. Esteem for natural resources and the dedication to building a future worth embracing are evident in all of the designs.

Spirit of Craft

Frankfurt — This direction seamlessly merges varied influences in a daring and lyrical style, distinguished by dramatic forms, daring blends, and a bold color range. Artisanal expertise fuses with contemporary aesthetics, delivering distinct flair. Moreover, versatile products and interior concepts are gaining prominence, adapting continuously to our evolving living conditions.

Patterns Facilitate Expression

Paris — Patterns are making a vigorous comeback, with their possibilities seemingly endless. Assembled, blended, and contrasted, dots, flowers, historical patterns, and stripes exuberantly commemorate life! All personalities can freely combine and customize these patterns, boldly showcasing their distinctiveness and unrestrained expression.

Unite with the Botanical World

Paris — Re-establishing a connection with our inner selves now entails an unparalleled partnership with the kingdom of plants. Urban residents are reshaping their bond with the natural world. The requirement for injections of living green and floral arrangements is integral to our overall wellness. This awakening is prompting the quest for balance within our indoor spaces.