January 2024 / Well-Rounded Design

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This month we look at how mindful living marks a celebration of progress and innovation in design, the importance of neurodiversity-friendly spaces and well-being practices, the unseen innovations in textiles combatting allergies, and the cultural connectedness found in a selection of ceramics. All-in-all it is a month that presents a very well-rounded sense of what the contemporary design industry contributes to our world. Get inspired with the January edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's January Jots

Worldwide — Happy 2024!!! As we wake up to a new year, we thought it only appropriate to get your engines revving with some design-driven bedding from the exhibitors of Heimtextil. Being the first major trade show to kick off the season and year, Heimtextil rouses us from our holiday slumber and gets us excited for what is to come.

Dutch Design Promotes Well-Being

Eindhoven — The isolation brought on by Covid and increasingly digital interactions has brought about a new sense of anxiety and disconnectedness. Add this to issues that were preexisting and we have a topic begging to be addressed by thoughtful design. These projects collectively emphasize the importance of neurodiversity-friendly spaces and mindful well-being practices.

Refresh curtains by Deco Center

Achoo-Free Textiles

Worldwide — Many products are worthy of getting to know, but that might not be obvious at first glance. These are the ones that need particular attention because it is easy to walk on by during a busy trade show; unless, of course there is eye-catching marketing, which is not always the case. With in mind, we bring you a Heimtextil preview of textiles that work behind the scenes to help allergy suffers suffer less.

Cultural Connectedness Through Ceramics

Multiple UK Cities — It is inspiring to see how a medium can be used to express one’s feelings and culture. A cultural exchange that can be communicated through design is a beautiful thing. In this case, we see how ceramic tiles are not only an aesthetic, but also a means to convey a story. From Europe to the Middle East, these pieces are not only stunning; they are touching.

Mindful Living Grounds Us

Worldwide — Taking place at the center of Surface Design Show in February, Surface Spotlight Live will showcase a selection of products across four key themes under the topic Mindful Living: Grounding, Nurturing, Adapting, and Advancing. Mindful Living is about striking the right harmony between design intuition and analytical reasoning to craft meaningful experiences in architecture and interiors.

Design for Overall Wellness

Worldwide — From tiles of green foliage and floral motifs to 3D printed orange peel rinds, mycelium, and wood filament, the texture and pattern in this trend direction serve as a portal to the natural dominion, utilizing materials from nature and surfaces to induce a feeling of well-being within these home products.

Recycled & Reimagined Design Processes

Worldwide — This selection of companies and new talents are revitalizing design concepts to shift our perspectives on everyday offerings by reusing ingredients that undergo a metamorphosis, thereby presenting novel possibilities. There are innovations here that hold the power to breed new ideas in product development and interior architecture.

Put Together Again

Worldwide — Modern craftsmanship seamlessly blends elements from the past, present, and future. Traditional techniques are propelled by new technology and advanced processes are redefining design and generating a creative evolution. Modern marquetry, ceramics, and industrial production offcuts are ingredients to the fresh approaches seen here.