June 2024 / Deeper than Aesthetics

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This month, discover remarkable advancements such as bio-renewable fibers, eco-certified yarns from ocean-recycled plastic, textiles from aluminum Nespresso pods, and 3D-printed furniture from denim waste. Innovations in felt include PET bottles and regenerated wool. Color's sensory impact is explored, while new initiatives boost local craftsmanship. The glamping market expands and Italian-Thai collaborations enhance sustainable hospitality designs. Get inspired with the June edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

Jennifer's June Journal

Bangkok — This month Trendease celebrates its 21st birthday; gosh, if it were human, it could have its first glass of champagne in the US! For those who missed it, the video celebrating 20 years of editorial content aired last month and can be watched here. You might see yourself in it! In this gallery, this selection of images unveils an array of co-design collections crafted by rising entrepreneurs.

Advancing Fibers and Yarns

Worldwide — Discover advances changing the face of textiles, taking place behind the scenes. A fiber is 100% recyclable, bio-renewable, combats waste, and promotes responsible consumer choices. A yarn, made from ocean-recycled PET bottles, is eco-certified, and uses recyclable cones. Another yarn reclaims spinning waste, creating GRS-certified yarns, supporting cleaner and transparent textile production.

Feel the Vibe.

Felt that Feels Good

Worldwide — From felt made from PET bottles or regenerated wool through the collection of clothing items, to acoustic panels made from 100% recycled polyester felt, there is a lot of noise being made for materials that act as ideal sound absorbers. Here are some findings from Techtextil/Texprocess in Germany, where we caught up with Italian and Turkish companies making felt that feels good.

Unexpected Waste Wonders

Multiple European Cities — The Swiss, Italians, and Germans are all researching and developing new materials that have a positive impact. In Frankfurt we unearthed a heat retention technical textile made from aluminum found in recycled Nespresso capsules; in Milan we discovered a 3D printed chair made from denim waste; back in Germany we couldn’t believe what we saw happening with industrial tea waste…

The Sensorial Qualities of Color

Milan — Color is essential to our perception and understanding of the universe around us, swaying our emotions and behavior. Neuroscience research discloses that colors can conjure excitement, tranquility, and countless feelings. By being connected to the sensory qualities of color, we endlessly decode it and make sense of it in our lives. Marketers do too.

Hidden Talent Reaches Broader Markets

Multiple Thai Cities — During our recent trip to Thailand, we learned about an initiative that bolsters entrepreneurship by promoting and marketing goods made in various tambons (sub-districts). The program is focused on showcasing products that embody the cultural heritage and craftsmanship unique to each community; it not only preserves traditional crafts, is also stimulates economies by giving small producers access to broader markets.

Glamourous Camping Market Expansion

Bangkok — Opportunities in glamping. The luxury camping trend is rapidly expanding, with an increasing demand for stylish, high-quality products. Unlike traditional camping gear, glampers are prepared to pay a premium for well-designed, brand-name items that complement their glamorous outdoor lifestyle. Discover some of the latest designs here.

Hospitality Hits Home

Bangkok — Collaborative efforts often transcend what one can do alone. Here is a fantastic synergy between Italian and Thai design, showcased in both Milan Design Week and Style Bangkok. Targeting the hotel and accommodation business segment, these products utilize recycled materials, use locally-sourced natural materials, and are dedicated to environmental sustainability.