June 2009 / Chock-Full of Inspiration

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In this fresh issue dive into the world of textiles including: bedding, bath, floor coverings, window treatments, table linen, and apparel. Learn about hot motifs, eco-chic directions, new talent, retail wonders, and innovative products. Discover the scoop on the latest in tabletop designs, furniture, wallcoverings, lighting, decorative accessories, event reviews and more. Get inspired with the June edition!

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

The 'Jardin Secret' Collection

Jennifer's June Journal

Multiple European Cities — Read Jennifer’s introduction to the June features. We know that your plate is already full enough as it is. So sit back, relax, and let us deliver you international inspirations on a silver platter. Find over thirty of our latest terry discoveries in this gallery, and go ahead, don’t be afraid to add some color and pizzazz to your towels!

Bedding Fit for a King & his Queen

Multiple European Cities — The luxury market is not dead. But it is hiding away from public eyes. The main buzz phrase and target market for the next two years is discussed here. This collective of posers are still living the lap of luxury, just behind closed doors. And what better a room to indulge in than the bedroom? Here are over 60 images the Trendease Team has gathered together for the bedrooms fit for a king and his queen.

Trendy, Yet Everlasting Leaves

Worldwide — This particular tree, in all of its mysterious sagacity, is a reminder that the planet can provide both what we need for ourselves and what we want for our homes. So is it any surprise that the tree’s leaves are now a popular figure in home fashion? Of course not. In this gallery learn about a motif that can be found in the bedroom, bathroom, and living room, as well as the great outdoors.

The Birth of Modern Science & Retail

Toronto — In his best-seller “A Brief History of Time,” Stephen Hawking claimed, “Galileo, perhaps more than any other single person, was responsible for the birth of modern science.” After his death in 1642, Galileo’s name would be immortalized in a variety of fashions. Bertolt Brecht’s influential play “Life of Galileo” would premiere in 1943. NASA’s Jupiter-bound spacecraft the Galileo would launch in 1989. Even a fashionable, Canadian boutique would be named after him. Take a retail journey within this report.

ICFF Hot Picks

New York — The 21st annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) remains to be the best trade event in the US to find contemporary design. Although many of the products on display have already been scouted abroad by the Trendease Team, there was plenty of inspiration to be found on the floor at New York City’s Javits Center. Check it out here!

Woolen threads soaked in porcelain

Funky Tabletops

Multiple European Cities — The Trendease Team certainly found an abundance of inspiration encompassing the dining table during recent trade events. Whatever your design appetite craves, you can be sure that today’s tabletop market can satisfy you! From fun displays and functional art to humorous graphics and unique shapes, you will surely find something that tickles your fancy within this gallery.

The Babel Tower

Sound-Bite Style

Multiple European Cities — What’s more boring than a black cube? Nothing. Speakers never dress for the occasion. They show up in your living room like an accountant at a birthday party. Everyone knows what a valuable service they provide, but they totally kill the atmosphere appearance-wise. Luckily, a few brave designers have decided to break the mold.

Designer Spotlight: Liana Yaroslavsky

Paris — Ask her of her dreams and ambitions and you will easily learn that the sky is the limit. Enthused by the world around us, its beauty and knowledge, Liana Yaroslavsky finds inspiration in everything from a set of watercolor paintings and a chandelier, to an old piano waiting to be dissected and reconfigured to realize its second life. Her designs seen here are practical, but contain a touch of magic in their fascinating form.

Aodh O Donnell's "Armadillo Chair"

New Talent: Chip off the New Block

Philadelphia — The professional world becomes more competitive each day and designers are thus going to greater and greater lengths to get themselves noticed. Wilsonart offers young creatives a terrific opportunity to begin building their reputations in the laminate sector. At the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, Aodh O Donnell was named winner of the “Wilsonart Challenges.” He is now the youngest designer to have ever won the competition. See his design and others within this feature.

Trees don't benefit from greenwashing

EcoChic: Clean Washing or Greenwashing?

New York — Sustainability. Some talk the talk and some walk the walk. And since the talkers are so persuasive and the walkers so humble, most of us get lost in the hot air. Be it at the store, in a hotel, a trade show, or anywhere else, greenwashing damages the credibility of anyone who’s avowed themselves a friend of the environment. These days, you need hard evidence to convince people you’re green. Hard evidence is what Tucker Robbins has. Learn more here.


London — If the lease on your shop were up and there were the chance to house your design studio and boutique under one roof what would you do? Kelly Hoppen knows a great opportunity when she sees it. The interior design guru has recently opened The Yard, a space that was once used as stables has now transformed into her design playroom. See The Yard here and catch up on this week’s tidbits.

Page Blanche H. 10-11: Frugality


Worldwide — It is with excitement that we present to you a sneak peak of the Autumn/Winter 2010-2011 trends to be presented at the leather show Le Cuir à Paris this September: “In this era of uncertainty, everything has to be re-examined, restarted, pared back to zero, and change initiated. Write on the blank page…” In this newsletter read about the five new material trends.


Paris and The Hague — We’ve just finished up Designer’s Days in Paris where we visited over 25 showrooms and other “off” events under the umbrella theme of “Secrets de Design”. One of the Parcours-Off exhibits that piqued our interest is the ‘Blah, Blah, Blah’ installation by Louise Campbell. Subscribers can see this interior that blends art, function, and design in this week’s newsletter as well as learn about the contemporary use of isotypes.


Paris — On a fresh summer morning this week, part of the Trendease Team enjoyed a lovely breakfast in Restaurant 58 in the Eiffel Tower. There we had the pleasure of a sneak peak of the trends to be presented at the September 2009 edition of Maison&Objet. The show’s Observatory has developed the 15th “book of inspirations” housing the theme of ReGeneration, the main idea behind the influences area of 2010 to be on display this fall. Learn more inside this newsletter!