September 2009 / Beyond Material Satisfaction

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The more we research and learn about present and future trends we see that contemporary sentiments are bringing about a new consciousness. Lost values are being rediscovered and relationships are being strengthened; products and interiors which reinforce this are leading-edge. In this issue we uncover this in trends for 2010 and 2011. Multiple Pantone color stories, holiday directions, paper and office supply trends, textile innovations, ecochicness and more can be found within.

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Jennifer Castoldi,
Chief Creative Director

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Features and Articles

A bit of humor with your tea and biscuits

Jennifer's September Scribbles

Worldwide — It is the time, as every moment should be, to celebrate life. Embrace what you have, as well as what you can do, and what you can create, to make every moment count. It is beyond material satisfaction. Not to say that some tangible goods shouldn’t join us for the ride. The items that embody this will triumph over others. Read up on Jennifer’s thoughts on the new edition, its dedication, and view products to inspire.

"The beauty of the moment" collage

Holiday Trends for 2010/2011

Worldwide — Holiday decorating trends, including color stories, materials, and buzzwords, for 2010/2011 can be discovered in this special sneak preview of the four themes to be presented at Christmasworld on January 29, 2010. Rediscovering lost values, expressing appreciation, recognizing the things that are truly important to us, and building strong relationships help us to celebrate life, whatever the occasion. What will the next seasons showcase? Learn here.

A collage of what to expect at Paperworld 2010

Paper & Office Supply Trends 2010/2011

Worldwide — Dive into the stationery and office supply trends, representing the directions for the 2010/2011 seasons, which will be presented in January 2010 at Paperworld. Emotional, personal, and unpretentious are key elements along with durability, craftsmanship, style and functionality, innovation, and recycling. These three themes are presented alongside color stories, buzzwords, and material interests.

Cocoon Cradle and Mother Piece by Kosuke Tsumura

Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?

Milan — Which comes first, the product or the material? As exhibition director Kenya Hara states, “The new materials may be attractive, but the problem we face is to discover how they can best be used… Without ideas for applications, advanced materials stagnate, with their potential left unrealized.” Creatives far and wide, this is your challenge—advanced technologies exist, now we need to find a purpose for their survival. The gallery contains just a few suggestions.

China Home Textile Fashion Trends 2010

Shanghai — The China Home Textile Fashion Trends 2010 trend forum, seen within this gallery and organized by the China Home Textile Association, was on display at Intertextile Shanghai. The forum showcased five themes. Each theme had a corresponding Pantone color story and keywords to characterize its direction, all which can be found inside this report.

Tokyo: Sachiko Inoue

The Metropolis Lifestyle Studio

Shanghai — Trend experts from the style capitals of the world: Paris, Milan, New York, and Tokyo gathered together at Intertextile Shanghai to give professionals attending the show a taste of next season’s interior design trends. Four separate rooms were set up to embody Happiness in Happy Land representing the Spring/Summer 2010 season. Take a tour of the rooms here.

Designer Spotlight: Sandra Tan & Johannes Schiebe

Frankfurt — The Trendease Team has been admiring the work of Sandra and Johannes, otherwise known as studio taschide, since they entered the design scene. Over the last four years this dynamic duo has successfully penetrated the market to be one of the most sought after creative teams by German manufacturers. And not only do their products catch the eye, they are inspiring to be around and are smiling every time we meet them.

2 Mal

New Talent: Susan+John=1Architect+2Designers

Frankfurt — Who are Susan & John? You may be surprised to learn that they are not two people, but in fact, it is the name of a collaborative group of three—an architect and two product designers. This creative trio is based in Frankfurt, Germany and the aim of their combined talents is to interpret interiors in unique ways, where stories are told and visitors become part of center stage.

EcoChic: Turning on the Knowledge

Worldwide — There is a lot of talk out there about what type of light bulb should be used that best suits the environment. There is just as much confusion as there is talk. The Trendease Team wants to help clarify the facts. With the help of [re]design we are delighted to bring you this information on the assortment of bulbs to enable you to choose which light bulb is right for your project.


Worldwide — Dreaming of a 90-minute Chinese foot massage after a hardworking day at Maison&Objet? For those of you who are beginning the fall trade show rush, you should be. And therefore, it is to you who we dedicate this inspiring gallery of decorative pillows. To relax your head upon, or to glaze at longingly, these 100+ images are certain to transport you to dreamland. Subscribers can rest their eyes on the images within.

Bamboo Buzziskin by I.T.M. International and Tecnospace


Brussels — Flemish Masters is a project combining the talents of furniture manufacturers and textile companies together in five partnerships. President of the Flemish Masters think tank, Axel Enthoven, believes that with this method of collaboration they “have found an innovative way of working together that challenges our creativity” and it promises to be a commercial success. See the masterful outcome of the initiative here.


Multiple European Cities — A warm and fuzzy feeling fits in quite well with today’s gallery. Discovered at Maison&Objet, this selection of products, ranging from ceramics to bedding and even housewarming gifts, will certainly give visual confirmation to this crochet/knit-style trend that still shows no signs of slowing down. Subscribers can see the homespun touch within.

SEMI-FINALIST: Chopstick/Steamer Stool by Ryan Horsman and Jason Dembski


Las Vegas — After all of this running around, you can imagine how fabulous it feels to sit down and rest one’s feet. Therefore, this week it seemed ever so appropriate to bring you a gallery full of great seating. One Good Chair was a contest posed by the Las Vegas Market Center and the Sustainable Furnishings Council, envisioned by architect and designer Lance Hosey.